Ahmadi bookstore owner and manager arrested for Blasphemy

Ahmadi bookstore owner and manager arrested for Blasphemy

Pakistani authorities have arrested two Ahmadi Muslim men for alleged Blasphemy.

Bookstore owner Abul Shukoor and manager Mazhar Ahmad were arrested Wednesday, Dec. 2 from Ahmadiyya Book Depot in Rabwah. Both men were taken to an unknown location after their arrest.
According to a leaked charge sheet the men were charged under section 298-C of Pakistan’s Penal code. The infamous law prevents members of Ahmadiyya sect from preaching and calling themselves Muslim.

In a surprising turn of events, the two men have also been charged under Pakistan’s Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) of 1997 for the crime of selling books published by the minority Ahmadiyya community. The men have been booked under Provision 8 of ATA which carries a prison sentence of up to seven years and under section 298-C they can face an additional three years in jail.

This is not the first time Shukoor has been targeted by the authorities, Earlier this year in January Shukoor was harassed and had his store vandalized by local police. In 1974, Shakoor’s opticial shop in Sargodha, Punjab was ransacked and looted along with his house. In 1985 he was charged with blasphemy under article 298c for claiming his Ahmadi belief. In 1990 he was given a three year prison sentence after a local Khatme Nabuwwat cleric filed a complaint against him for wearing a ring with a Quranic inscription.

This has come as a shock to the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community who are often times victims of terror attacks. The provision 8 of the anti-terrorism act was designed to stop sectarian hatred against minorities like the Ahmadiyya but is being increasingly used by extremist clerics to target minorities.

In 1974, Pakistan declared the Ahmadiyya sect to be non-Muslim through a constitutional amendment, since then the Ahmadis have faced severe persecution both by the state and by local extremist groups like Khatm-e-Nabuwat and ASWJ (Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jammat).



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6 thoughts on “Ahmadi bookstore owner and manager arrested for Blasphemy

  1. The government authority and the Mullahs of Pakistan are going far in their persecution of Ahmadis.They are charging them for terrorism for wearing rings with Qur’anic inscription! Tell me who are the Muslims between the Ahmadis who are proclaming the oness of Allah and those that are preventing the oness of Allah from being proclaimed? These Mullahs and their supporters and the government of Pakistan that promulgated this obnoxious anti Ahamadis law are really inviting the wrath of Allah and it shall surely befall them very soon,if they do not desist and release all those that have been conficted under this obnoxious and anti Islamic law.(Wa ma karuu wa ma kara llahu wa Allahu khaeru-l makiroon)

    1. The world is already sitting on the edge of world war mainly because of these Mullas. We can only pray that these Mullahs and Government of Pakistan changes its attitude towards Islam and Humanity as otherwise they may invite a wrath of Allah.
      الله ظالموں کی رسّی ضرور دراز کرتا ہے اور شائد اسلئے کہ توبہ کر لیں لیکن جب انتہا ھو جائے تو پھر رسّی کو کھینچ بھی لیتا ہے مگر اُس وقت وقت گزر چکا ہوتا ھے

  2. I think this is another example of browbeating the Ahmadiyya community to total submission to their will and giving up their beliefs. The persistent persecution of the community is reminiscent of the Meccan’s harassment of the Muslims. Its the time for the bigoted Mullahs to wake up and see for themselves the writing on the wall, and desist from persecuting the peace loving Ahmadees.

  3. الله کی لاٹھی بڑی بے آواز ہے!
    خدا کے غضب کو مت پکارو ہمارا تو موقف ہے
  4. It is another form of terrorism. If “terrorists have no religion” as quoted by the Pakistan PM then I wonder how ten years of imprisonment is justified?. According to the Mullahs(clergy) Ahmadi Muslims should not exist and it is permissible to kill an Ahmadi Muslim. Yes, this is certainly another form of terrorism. The Mullahs, politicians and unfortunately the silent majority are inviting the wrath of God, and may He have mercy and educate them.