Abducted Ahmadi doctors found dead in Pakistan

Two Ahmadi doctors who were abducted in northern Pakistan have been found dead.

According to the police, Dr Tahir Aziz and Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad went missing from ​​Gali Jagir area of Fateh Jang three days ago. Their Bodies were found Monday morning from the northern part of Paksitan’s Punjab province .

Police officials said that Dr Iftikhar Ahmad had returned to Pakistan from the United States a few days back while Dr. Tahir Aziz resided in the capital Islamabad. The pair drove from Islamabad to Fatehjang on March 13th, however went missing the same evening during their commute back to Islamabad.

Although the two doctors belonged to Ahmadiyya community, police have dismissed reports that their murders were religiously motivated. Fatehjang Police official, SHO Abid Munir said Dr Iftikhar owned some land in Fatehjang and three of his employees hatched a plan to murder the doctors.