55-year-old Ahmadi man shot, killed in front of his house in Karachi

55-year-old Ahmadi man shot, killed in front of his house in Karachi

Dawood Ahmad was shot dead Tuesday night in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi. He was shot 3 times by unknown assailants in front of his own home.

Ahmad was waiting for his friend outside his house in Gulzar e Hijri neighborhood of Karachi when two unidentified men on a motorbike approached him, one of them disembarked and opened fire. Both men fled on the motorbike afterwards. Ahmad was hit by 3 bullets, one in the chest and two in the torso.

The assailants also fired shots at Ahmad’s friend who by the time had reached his house and was trying to help him. Both were rushed to the hospital, Ahmad died due to loss of blood while his friend managed to survive the ordeal. Ahmad is survived by his three sons; his wife died of cancer a few years ago.

Spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pakistan Saleemuddin condemned the incident and said:

“Mischievous and baseless propaganda is going on all over the country against Ahmadis; this is the basic reason of such grievous incidents. It was announced in the National Action plan that action would be taken against hate promoters but it is sad to say that elements who promote hate against Ahmadis are not only free but are busy spreading hateful propaganda openly without any fear. Thirty Ahmadis have been killed in Karachi and not a single murderer has been brought to justice till now. Consequently extremist elements feel encouraged.”

He demanded that the administration immediately arrest and prosecute Dawood’s killers.



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7 thoughts on “55-year-old Ahmadi man shot, killed in front of his house in Karachi

  1. I would like to say that if all Ulmae Deen will stay against Ahmadis, they will waste their life’s purpose, because they are busy to spread inhumanity. And as Ahmadi Muslim we are blessed, our Khalifa and stucture of Ahmadiyat teaching us humanity. As Ahmadi we are beliver of Imam Mehdi as promised Messaiah Hazrat Mirza Gulam Ahmad.
    Since 1889 all Mulavi are opposing Ahmadi sect and still going on. What they achieved? Nothing whenever Mullah’s talk they use evil behaviour. Ahmadiyat is not an ordinary worldly organized sect, we always bestow help from God Almighty, who is creator of all the prophets and Holy prophet of Muhammad(SAW) and all the universe. Allah is enough for us, we love and believe Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) more than any other Muslim, we are true Ahmadi Muslims, we don’t care if anyone says Kafir(disbeliever). Our God knows our believe, our lives and death is in Gods hand, we believe in Resurection so Alhamdulilh we are obedient of Allah and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) that is why we believe Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as Imam Mehdi.
    I would like to say Mr Hamza Ali Abbasi that he is trying to upgrade discussion format through pointing out Ahmadia sect, that Gov should give rights to Ahmadis as human. I hope and pray May God grant him succes. Moreover I do pray for his long healthy happy life because I am afraid about extreme people, may God protect Hamza Ali Abbasi.
    Pakistan is famous for murder the people on the name of Khatme Nabuwat,
    These Mullahs never trullay obay Prophet Muhammad (SAW). They just read Namz and talk against Ahmadi’s and thought they are Muslims, for God sake all Muslim Ulmae Deen be honest. Once a day you will in front of your God then you will be repent about your injustice way of explaining Islams teachings, and you will take burden about those peoples misguided believes to whome Mullah’s misguided.
    Life is short so be a righteous person, we will be asked regarding our matters.

  2. Raja Rizwan Ahmed. · Edit

    It is a very sad news for me. Do to I am very well known about Mr. Dawood he is very nice man. Inna lilahi wa ina illahi rajhuna.
    May Allah Almighty bless the soul of the deceased, and alleviate the suffering of people in Pakistan.

    Raja Rizwan Ahmed.

  3. What a trial for our Ahmadi brothers and sisters in Pakistan. May Allah elevate the blessed martyr’s station in paradise. May He strengthen the faith of Ahmadi Muslims and may He unite all the faithful people and grant them deliverance from persecution. Ameen!

  4. It is obvious that the proper measures for the security of the individuals of Minorities in Pakistan are not being implemented that such tragic incidences of target killing take place in the major cities. May Allah Almighty bless the soul of the deceased, and alleviate the suffering of people in Pakistan.

  5. A very sad news. God bless the soul of Mr. Ahmad. Extremism and fanaticism are on the rise in Pakistan. The government must bring the culprit to book.

  6. Inna lilahi wa ina illahi rajhuna.May Allah forgive Mr.Ahmad, grant him Aljana fridaos and grant his bereaved family and entire Ahmadis in Pakistan in particular and the world in general the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.I don’t think the so call authority in Pakistan is ready to protect them against these heinous attacks against Ahmadi Muslims,only God can help.As long as that obnoxious blasphemy law against Ahmadis stands these muderous people will continue in their darstardly acts ,only God can restrain them. The entire goverment of Pakistan including the judiciary are corrupt and not sincere

  7. انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون.
    It is about time Pakistani Authorities did something to stop these sectarian murders, particularly of Ahmadi Muslims whome are the most peace loving and peaceful community.
    Unless the perpetrators are brought to justice these mad mullahs and their blind followers will not comprehend. Catch these culprits and punish them for their heinous crimes.