UK’s Birmingham City Council aided Muslim religious extremists against Ahmadis

UK’s Birmingham City Council aided Muslim religious extremists against Ahmadis

In a shocking report, UK’s IBTimes has revealed how city council of Britain’s second most populated city, Birmingham favored Muslim religious extremists against the persecuted Ahmadiyya sect. The report revealed how Birmingham’s education authorities blocked one of UK’s oldest and most peaceful Muslim sect from being represented on an interfaith council.

City of Birmingham’s Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) told members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community that in order to be represented on the city’s SACRE committee they would have to declare themselves as non-Muslims first.

SACRE’s committee member demanded Ahmadis to declare themselves as non-Muslim after right-wing Muslims threatened a walkout.

In an email message published by IBTimes, Councillor Barry Henley, Chairman of Birmingham SACRE committee said that the body would welcome an Ahmadi representative provided they describe themselves as “Ahmadiyya Community or similar wording and not Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.”

Chairman Henley insisted that if he allowed the Ahmadiyya to be admitted he would be “breaking the law because the other Muslim representatives would leave.”

Responding to the judgment, Fareed Ahmad, a member of the Ahmadiyya National Executive Committee, said the Labour-led council had failed to defend religious tolerance.

In July, the SACRE committee rejected a new membership application from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

British law expert, Barrister Neil Addison has said that the committee broke the law in excluding the Ahmadis: “It is endorsing sectarianism, we wouldn’t allow it with anyone else in the UK, and it is not lawful.”

The controversy began in 2012 when Birmingham’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community first applied for SACRE membership. Soon after the initial application, SACRE changed it’s charter so that only candidates chosen by committees representing faith communities would be considered for membership.

Members of Birmingham SACRE’s Muslim Liaison Committee have so far refused to support membership of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.



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9 thoughts on “UK’s Birmingham City Council aided Muslim religious extremists against Ahmadis

  1. The same is happening in Leicester. The City Council of Leicester have a very biased behavior over those Ahmadies who are registered with them for housing needs. The Council is deliberately sending all Ahmadies who required council houses to private accommodations instead of giving them Council properties.

  2. And then people wonder why the British public are turning anti-muslim. Their own bodies are turning peaceful muslims away and stocking it with fanatics.

    1. Thanks, our good Hindu friend and brother. That is the more reason the British Government should look inward to discover the real agents of anarchy and terrorism who fan the embers of hate at their nocturnal enclaves they call meetings or by whatever names.

  3. The British government should wade in,in no didtance time,to prevent religious crisis creeping into the country. Britain runs one of the most beautiful Democratic government and I hope they would not allow the religious extremists, mostly the immigrants, to jeopardize their culture and constitution.There should be freedom of religion and association that are not inimical to the society. Every religious organization should be allowed to be represe nted in the SACRE.

  4. This discrimination in Britain is unexplainable. The nation that produced a judge Capt. Douglas who trashed a case against the Promised Messiah and rebuked a renowned priest for his effort to trap an innocent man, now succumbing to racial pressure! May Allah protect the British nation.

    1. Britain is known for its democracy stance. What happened is the coming together of certain feeble minds of British stock and the ever-crafty and religious extremists from Asia/Middle East whose aim appears to be the exportation of hate and terrorism to Britain under the present uncanny Society – SACRE. Allah will soon expose their secrets.

  5. Secular authorities in Britain are not concerned with who is Muslim or non muslim, Their concern is interfaith harmony, and if the majority of people calling themselves Muslims have their representative, then he is a right full representative. I think it is stupid to expect from some city council to even invite some one to represent Muslims, who is “not a Muslim”. Ahamadis do not represent majority of Muslims. Ahmadis are Muslims because they say so, and God is their witness. It was mistake even when Ahamadis presented themselves in front of Pakistan national assembly during Bhutto’s time, to prove that they are Muslims. No worldly authority has a right to decide on matters of faith.

  6. What else do we need to add that extremists have taken over SACRE? The Society needs to be thoroughly investigated for a most probable complicity in the murder of our brothers some months ago in the UK, and religious extremism beyond the UK. This disgraceful action of the Advisor Council renders it grossly incompetent to have a say on any religious issue in Birmingham or in any capacity anywhere else. Its deprecable conduct in question has clearly shown that SACRE is a cabal whose function is aimed at negating what it claims as it’s objectives or ought to perform. Britain should nip in the bud this cancerous Societyand what it presently stands for.

  7. SACRE, you can be rest assured, your worldly stand and stubborn, unequal tolerance attitude will not be tolerated by Allah Almighty against the God chosen peaceful Islam Ahmadyyat by your corrupt and loose organisation.
    Law defines freedom for all.
    We declare ” Love for all, Hatred for None”
    We are Muslims and better Muslims, “peaceful” and do not need your endorsement to save the radical “so called” Muslims walking away or to save them on your membership numbers should we joined.
    Regardless , your crime will need to be addressed and now law will adress this issue or rename your organisation as “ISIS affiliated worldly Muslim group of Birmingham”.