Three Ahmadiyya Muslims targeted in drive-by shooting in Karachi

Ahmadiyya Muslims targeted in fresh gun attacks in Karachi, Pakistan.

On 11th October Unknown men shot three Ahmadis in “Gulshan e Iqbal” area of the large Pakistani seaport city of Karachi.

Saleem Rafaqat and his two nephews were targeted late in the evening a few blocks away from their home.

Shamir Ahmad

55-year-old Saleem Rafaqat was shot in the shoulder and is currently being treated at a local hospital. Saleem’s 17-year-old nephew Shamir Ahmad is in critical condition while his older nephew 20-year-old Muaz Ahmad narrowly escaped a bullet to the head.

Within hours of the attack, a twitter account claiming to be linked to ISIS claimed responsibility of the attack.

Qasim Khurasani on Twitter Ahmadiyya got Target By The Islamic State Khurasan Mujahideens Alhumdulillah http m1TDxpbFhb inshallah will be continue..


The brave fighters of the Islamic State have targeted the heretic Qadianis (Ahmadis) even though Karachi’s environment is very stern.