Ten Ahmadiyya Muslims injured in sectarian attack in West Bengal, India

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of West Bengal, India came under attack by local Muslim extremists which resulted in 10 people being seriously injured

On 7th August 2015, a mob of local muslim extremists forcefully invaded the home of a local Ahmadi Muslim yielding knives, bricks and metal rods and attacked the residents. Ten people including women were seriously injured in this horrific attack. The attackers then surrounded the house for the entire night and refused access to the Police and emergency services.

After a delayed response the Police refused to take any action against the angry mob. The Police also refused to let the injured be treated for their injuries.

It was only the next morning that the mob dispersed and the barricaded Ahmadi Muslims were permitted to seek treatment at a local hospital. However, as the police had failed to report the incident, the injured were denied treatment at the local hospital. In countries like India and Pakistan if an injury is related to a crime a Police incident report is required before the doctors can treat the injured. The victims then had to be taken to another hospital for treatment.

History of Attacks in West Bengal

On the same night another house of an Ahmadi Muslim in the area was also attacked.

A similar attack took place on 14th July but on that occasion the police were able to control the situation. The attacks are part of recent wave of opposition against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Bengal.

A well known extremist religious organisation recently arrived in Bengal on the pretext ‘flood relief’ but have instead carried out a sustained anti-Ahmadiyya campaign in the area. According to some sources this same extremist group was behind the 7th August attack on Ahmadis.