Rabwah students sweep top positions in nationwide annual exams

Students from the small Pakistani town of Rabwah swept up top positions in the annual Secondary School (SSC) and Higher Secondary School (HSSC) exams. A ceremony was held on November 15th in Karachi where the top achievers were honored by Aga Khan University Examination Board, the accrediting body for the exams.

Girls outnumbered the boys across the board. In SSC exams Samreen Raja from Nusrat Jehan Academy (NJA) Girls High School scored second across Pakistan with 1029 marks. While five other students from Rabwah scored in the top 20.

6th Position  KAINAT AROOJ – Maryam Siddiqa Girls Higher Secondary School

8th Position  SAJEELAH LARAIB – Nusrat Jehan Academy Girls High School

9th position FARIHA ADIL – Nusrat Jehan Academy Girls High School

14th position MUHAMMAD USAMA KHAN – Nusrat Jehan Academy Boys School

15th position BILAL AHMAD KAMRAN – Nusrat Jehan Academy Boys School

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC)

In Higher Secondary School exams MUQADDAS ALVI of Nusrat Jehan College scored third with 1022 marks while four others made it to the board’s top 20 list.

10th position AREEHA ZOYA – Nusrat Jahan College

12th position HINA WAHEED – Nusrat Jahan College

14th position AMMARA HUDA – Nusrat Jahan College

17th position ALIZA MUSTAFA – Nusrat Jahan College

Director, AKU-EB, Dr Shehzad Jeeva added, “Regardless of whether you are a High Achiever or not, the fact that you have concluded your secondary education under a Board that emphasises fairness and transparency as part of its mandate is remarkable.”