Pakistan’s top cleric calls for execution of Ahmadis

Chairman of Pakistan’s “Ruet-e-Hilal Committee” Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman has called on the Government to execute Ahmadis as they do not believe in the finality of Prophet Muhammad.

mufti_muneeb_rahman_ahmadi6He made the comments on Saturday, while speaking at a KhatmeNabuwat rally in the village of Lalian. Mufti Muneeb ur Rahman said

“According to the constitution of Pakistan, Ahmadis are deniers of KhatmeNabuwat (Finality of Prophethood) and are hence outside the fold of Islam, Since the punishment for not accepting the constitution is execution, those who deny the finality of Prophet Muhammad should also be executed.”

The village of Lalian where the rally took place is located a few miles from the town of Rabwah, which has the highest concentration of Ahmadis in Pakistan.

He said “The young generation should contact Islamic Seminaries in order to save themselves from the propaganda of Qadianis (Ahmadis). Explicit programs on Internet and TV are ruining the youth.

He went on to say “The first Caliph of Islam destroyed those who denied that Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet, at the same time Molana Shah Ahmad Norani along with 27 other clerics played a keyhole in having the Ahmadis declared as non-Muslims. Muslims should also boycott Qadiani (Ahmadi) owned businesses and products.”

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  1. Islam is the only religion that declares in surah Baqrah the right to follow one’s proffered code of life and makes man answerable for his beliefs and deeds to Allah. Every man is responsible for himself. No one has the right to question others. ‘ aur hum new tum he nigran banana kar nah I bheja’. The declaration of mufti shahab is completely contrary to Islamic teachings. He is only going to cause anarchy.

  2. ……but Ahmadi’s do believe in the finality of Prophethood, as we believe Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the last law bearing Prophet. It’s a pity that the fatwas of clerics calling for killings, executions and murdering reminds us of the actions of ISIS and Taliban.

  3. What nonsense. The constitution does not say that all Pakistanis must be Muslims, let alone that they must believe in the Finality of Prophethood in the same way that the leaders do. Furthermore, Ahmadis DO believe in the Finality of Prophethood, just not in the same way that the mufti does. If he disagrees with the beliefs, why doesn’t he take part in a reasoned debate, rather than calling to silence–even kill–those whom he disagrees with?

    1. Mr Shah, you may criticize Lakhan as of right for any historical error; but you goofed when you claimed that Ahmadiyya news channels have problem (sic). What is false in our claim that we are being persecuted in Pakistan, etc.? Is not a fact that the Mullahs and other self proclaimed Muftis are a problem to Islam? Is it not true that several Muslim countries declare one another as kafir, when in fact they lack any locus standi to do so? Did a self-proclaimed mufti in Saudi Arabia not of recent pass a fatwa that Iranians are non-Muslims? Have you read the recent publication in ARAB NEWS published on Tuesday 27th September 2016 in Riyadh? For your enlightenment it stated inter alia:
      “The Council of Senior Scholars has stressed the fact that takfir is a serious issue as it will legalize bloodshed, prevent inheritance and annul marriages. Declaring rulers and governments out of the fold of Islam is even more harmful as it constitutes incitement to violence, use of weapons, encourage chaos, bloodshed and corruption of people…. The Scholars said the decision of takfir does not rest with humans, but Allah and His Messenger. …….”
      You know as a fact, i.e. if you will not deceive your your conscience, that what gave rise to all the comments in this forum are the acts of brigandage, brazen, uninhibited and ferocious disposition of your brother mullahs and the self-acclaimed puritans called Muftis towards Ahmadi Muslims. I urge you to endeavour to domesticate your brother pseudo Muftis and self-proclaimed mullahs and their bigots before you make any futile attempt washing your mouth on Ahmadiyya news channels.

  4. Whether Kafir or not one thing is clear Ahmadis are 100% educated. They played important part in making of Pakistan. it was one of them who brought the first noble prize to Pakistan. As for Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman he should be booked for hate speech and for calling to kill Ahmadis.

  5. I think the roete hillal committe was formed under law/constitution to whom mufi Muneeb is heading.It is binding upon all muslims of Pakistan to celebrate Eid on his findings.

    But the molvi POPET of Peshawar has always his own Fatwa reg EID and has always put Mufti Muneeb on his foot. Has mufti Muneeb the courage to execute him for voilation of the costitionally formed His committe.

    Surely not ,his Fatwa is only against the oprassed and persucated week minority.

    Has he the courage to defend the first three HKOLOFA and companions of the Holy Prophet
    from TABRA of Shias by declaring them non muslims in Pakistan as has been done by Mufi Azam of Sadi Arab.?

  6. All the Maulvis should be given solitary confinement so they do not poison the society any more ! We should seriously consider this option if the country is to make any progress !

  7. The only threat to the Islamic world in the earlier times and even today are the fanatics and the rebels of the Islamic government who disobey the law by promoting hatred and intolerance and create propaganda to fan extremism.

    The Ahmadiyya Community poses not even a speck of threat to any State at all, instead it has been endorsed worldwide for promoting peace and honour of Islam, negating the concept of Jihad through sword and only promoting intellectual wars(as prophesied by The Messiah of the end of times) which are going to prove decisive.
    If the ‘Guardians of faith’ are feeling vulnerable than it is their own faith and ideals that they need to think twice about.

  8. The Ahmadi are to be praised for showing the true face of Islam, one of Love for all, hatred for none. The Pakistani government needs to fulfil the dream of Ali jinnah and create a society in which the Ahmadi, and other minorities including Christians and Bahai, are protected by the rule of Law. We wish the Ahmadi well!

    1. God bless you, oh friend of truth and reality. Except Allah shows His mercy, this set of mostly spiritually wasted generations of Pakistanis, the Saudis and their cronies, will not recant until they further experience more calamities. We hope very strongly and believe that their offsprings would reap the benefits of Ahmadiyyat just as early Muslims did after their fathers’ viciousness against Holy Prophet Muhammad on whom be peace and blessings of Allah.

    2. The international community needs to name and shame the sponsors of Islamic terrorism and intolerance, particularly Saudi Arabia and Wahhbism, the puritanical interpretation of the faith propagated by the House of Saud. In the meantime, the Ahmadi need to continue their exemplary peaceful response to the persecution they face and return love for hate. As the Quran states: “Allah favours those who do good”.

    3. Simon,

      Ive read your book. Amazing work. However, Ahmadis have turned Islam into a global non-profit corporation, and their top products is asylum. So just like in 1974, its the Ahmais own fault.


  9. These hate mongers of Pakistan and the rest of the so-called Muslim world don’t seem to be living on this planet at all!

    Don’t they see and hear on the news or read about what is happening to hate mongers like them in other parts of the world where law and order prevails? Such people as them are not tolerated.

    It would seem that since they have no reasoned response to Ahmadis, they take refuge is violence in the process giving a bad name to Islam, its holy founder (pbuh), and the rest of the non-violent Muslims. They have no real basis for the hate they preach to a highly IGNORANT society, unfortunately.

    Not only are they themselves extremely SELFISH and JAHEEL, but they thrive and add on to these two qualities in their so-called followers.

    Shame on them and may they see the results of their hate-mongering soon, Insha’Alllah…

  10. Mr Muneeb-ur-Rehman, a self-proclaimed and bigotted mullah, who clothed you with the power arrogated to yourself? Shame on you! You have demonstrated naked ignorance of Islamic History before the civilised world, except religious thugs like you. With your bizarre understanding of Islam, what benefits have accrued to the brand of Islam you profess? It is obvious that you as a bigot, your mis-led horde, and others possessing similar mentality, have strayed far away from Islam of Muhammad (s.a.w.).

    Is Muhammad being ‘khatamun-Nabiyyin either a pillar if Islam or an article of faith? Certainly not. You and your gangsters either misinterpret and/or deliberately misrepresent clear words and statements in the Holy Quran; based on your misguided position, you seek, under threat as encapsulated in the draconian Pakistan Penal (stone age) Code to, and indeed attack Ahmadies and their interests all over the places.

    With your brand of Islam, what glory and benefit have been conferred on Muhammad (s.a.w.) in the eyes of the sane world? Obviously, nothing except complete misrepresentation of the real Islam. You and your ilks practise terrorism in Pakistan as a way of life under the guise of protecting and promoting Islam, which religion you are far away from, and in a concerted unholy alliance and inter-nation conspiracy with Saudis and their cronies, have exported terrorism to the entire civilised world.

    You and your criminal gangsters worldwide have poisoned the minds of the civilised humans; you all have become an embarrassment to real and true Muslims. You people have turned the Islamic Republic of Pakistan founded on the blood of hundreds if not thousands of Ahmadi-Muslims, to ‘banana’ republic, promoting nothing but terrorism and hate. Allah will surely require it of you all involved, for He is swift in reckoning.

    Truly has it been said that those whom the gods want to destroy, he first makes them mad. As it is now, the preaching of true Islam of Muhammad (s.a.w.) as epitomized in the message of the Imam of the Age, is as if you and your gangsters are being told to fall from a height and thus break your backs. It is better for you, if you enter the Ark of Noah of this Age. When the Decree of Allah comes, the tragedies of Bhutto and Zia will be a child’s play. It will definitely be crushing for you and your gangsters in your entirety.

    Muhammad (s.a.w.) foresaw this when he proclaimed that any Muslim who calls a Muslim a kafir has himself become a kafir. If Muhammad (s.a.w.) is, and indeed he is true, you have by your conduct bundled yourself and gangsters out of the pale of Islam.

    Ahmadiyyat has come to stay. Even if (God forbid) all Ahmadies are executed in Pakistan today, AND IT WILL NOT AND SHALL NEVER HAPPEN INSHA ALLAH, can you and your gangsters do same in my own country (Nigeria) and all other countries where Ahmadiyyat has been firmly established? Your major problem is that you have failed to appreciate the fact that Ahmadiyyat is a Divine Tree planted by Allah which no one can uproot.

    Peace on those who repent and find a way to Allah by accepting His servant, the Noah of this Age, the True representative of Muhammad (s.a.w.), and that is Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (alaihi salaam).

  11. Ahmadis believe and profess the holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as the Khatama Nabiyeen rather it is these so called Pakistan Clerics who do not believe so,but alas!Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman and his likes are deaf,dumb and blind so they can not understand. Muneeb-ur-Rehman,you are advocating the execution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan! Allah is watching you all and He will soon visit you with His Mighty Power.Allah will protect all Ahmadis in Pakistan and all over the world against your sinister and nefarious planning and activities. Shame on you and your organization,while Ahamadiyya is daily busy propagating Islam throughout every nook and cranny of the world under its noble Khalifah,you are preoccupy in hindering people from accepting Islam through your activities and utterances,full of hatred and violence against humanity and especially the peace loving Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. Wait,think and reflect whether you are doing any good services to Islam or not. Your leaders and fathers, especially Ali Butho and Ziaul-Haq,who spearheaded the persecution of Ahmadis Muslims in Pakistan, where are they today? What was their fate? That’s how Allah deal with mischief makers like you.I enjoin you to repent and mend your ways to avoid Allah’s calamities as well.

  12. The way these mullahs present Islam no one will accept their brand of Islam,which is based on Hate.
    Islam means Peace and that’s what the Prophet pbuh taught all his life. The Prophet never took any action against Masleema who declared that he was a prophet in the life time of the Holy Prophet. Masleema was killed in a rebellion in the time of Khilafah because he rebelled and not for his claims of false prophethood.
    On the other hand Ahmadi Muslims Motto is:
    “Love For All Hatred For None”

  13. You Mr. Mufti Muneeb sahib,
    Are totally out of place in Islam.
    No law, no rule and none of the verses of the Holy Quran has declared anyone or any goverment to declare or kill anyone, except respecting and protecting them.
    Whoever you are, you have defied Our Holy Prophet’s legacy of love, peace, Harmony and coexistence among other faiths !!!!
    Who on earth have you found to be above all to kill and abuse.
    Think again, and we challenge you to bring any number of your so called scholars, governments and nations together.
    You will be exhausted of resources,shamed and defeated in the most despicable ways Inshallah !!!
    We Ahmadies will utterly & surely allow everything in your power to come prepared !!!
    We are winning the hearts and minds of this world and the heavens.
    We will win in every sphere against your unpopular ill fated programmes, against us.
    Allah alone is sufficient for us !!!
    Alhamdolillah !!!!
    You are losing every step of the way and you will lose in the end in the worst ways and scenarios we already have seen of Zia and Bhutto so to name a few !!!!!
    Inshallah !!!!
    Ahmad Khan.

    1. Mr. Ahmad khan
      You are 100 % correct in saying that these so called ulema deen are no way religious scholars. Their actions are of those who are known as Kuffar e Makkah during Rasool Allah SAW time. Allah save the muslim umma from so called Ulemas.