Pakistani Truck art is coming to Washington

Truck art which is a common sight in Pakistan and South Asia, where buses and trucks are decorated with elaborate floral patterns and calligraphy. Now a Pakistani advocacy group is planning to bring the art form to the influential audience of the Washington area.

AdvoPak plans to host a live painting event at Dupont Circle this coming Sunday, the event will feature prominent truck artist, Haider Ali. His work has previously been displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Ali will also discuss the role of truck art in highlighting political and non-political causes.

Ali has also used his art to highlight political causes. His latest work is a mural featuring Sabeen Mehmud, a Pakistani human rights activist who was killed in 2015.

This event is organized by AdvoPak, an apolitical and nonaligned group that employs non-violent means to advocate for change with a focus on informing policy-makers and/or supporting initiatives for a peaceful Pakistan. Since 2014, AdvoPak has served as a platform to promote tolerance and social justice in Pakistan.

Art and Activism by Pakistani Truck Artist, Haider Ali
DuPont Circle Fountain, Washington, D.C.
4:00 – 6:30 PM EST, August 13, 2017