Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif praises Dr Abdus Salam on his visit to CERN

On Saturday Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva.

PM Sharif was received by Director General CERN Fabiola Gianotti. Uoin meeting PM Sharif Ms.Gianotti said that the Pakistani scientist Dr Abdus Salam had played an important role in the establishment of CERN.

In reply to Ms. Gianotti’s comments PM Sharif said:

“Dr Abdul Salam was a great Pakistani and the nation was proud of his achievements.”

He also lauded the efforts of Pakistani scientists for their outstanding contributions.

Speaking to the Pakistani students at CERN the Prime Minister said:

“Pakistan considers it a matter of pride for becoming an associate member of CERN last year, especially as it was the first non-European country to have achieved this milestone.”

Pakistan became associate member of CERN on 19 December 2014.