Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif praises Dr Abdus Salam on his visit to CERN

Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif praises Dr Abdus Salam on his visit to CERN

On Saturday Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva.

PM Sharif was received by Director General CERN Fabiola Gianotti. Uoin meeting PM Sharif Ms.Gianotti said that the Pakistani scientist Dr Abdus Salam had played an important role in the establishment of CERN.

In reply to Ms. Gianotti’s comments PM Sharif said:

“Dr Abdul Salam was a great Pakistani and the nation was proud of his achievements.”

He also lauded the efforts of Pakistani scientists for their outstanding contributions.

Speaking to the Pakistani students at CERN the Prime Minister said:

“Pakistan considers it a matter of pride for becoming an associate member of CERN last year, especially as it was the first non-European country to have achieved this milestone.”

Pakistan became associate member of CERN on 19 December 2014.



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4 thoughts on “Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif praises Dr Abdus Salam on his visit to CERN

  1. The truth does come out of the mouth sometimes but these people, who are unfortunately leaders of our country actually hypocrites. On one side this disgraceful man is praising Dr Abdus Salam and on the other side he disgraces him by not allowing him to be called a muslim and allowing persecution of his people (Ahmadis) which, not to mention is against the fundamentals of islam. Dr Abdul Salam was a great man who was highly respected by the world where his accomplishments are greatly recognized without any bigotry,Dr Abdus Salam was blessed with the opportunity to serve Allah, Islam and science, which he did so magnificently and the world can see it but the blind cannot !. It does not matter even to a tiniest extent whether certain people of Pakistan recognize him or not. Actually it is they themselves who are at loss, although it does hurt us Ahmadis. Pakistan is our homeland after all
    It should have been the people of Pakistan taking the benefit from the great educational institutes of science and physics first which Dr Sahib had to make in a different country because he was an Ahmadi, and now look at our prime Minister appreciating Dr Abdus Salam’s achievements as a Pakistani Scientist. How shameful!

  2. Would Prime Minister Nawaz repeat these words of praise about Dr Abdus Salam the Nobel Laureate in Pakistan?
    Probably not, because the mad mullahs would Lynch him.
    If Pakistani authorities can curb the powers of mullah who have dragged the Country 60 years backward then there is a hope of progress otherwise these mad mullahs will further drag the country into a deep dark hole.
    Reinstate the names of Ch Zafrullah Khan, Dr Abdus Salam and other Ahmadi Heros who defended the country against Indian aggression and were awarded the highest honours but their names were removed from the History books and School curriculums, why, because they were or are Ahmadi Muslims.

  3. …then why sir, the word “Muslim” is removed from his tombstone. According to the politicians and the Mullahs, Ahmadi Muslims proclaiming the creed and observing the tenets of Islam have no value and they certainly do not follow the verse from Quran that “there is no compulsion religion”(2:27). That is why Pakistan is facing the wrath of God.

  4. Dr Abdus Salam was really a great scientist and first muslim noble laurate for whom the whole muslim world feels proud. But it is very sad that Dr Abdus Salam was declared as Not-muslim in his own country Pakistan. Whereas Dr Salam was such a great scientist that when he awarded noble prize for Physics he made his reaction saying that what he got it through the knowledge from the Holy Quran and by researching Holy Quran he proved that it was possible for muslim to achieve this.