Pakistan Police Arrest Christian Teenager for Facebook Post

A 16-year-old Pakistani Christian has been arrested for Blasphemy for liking a Facebook post. The teenager who is from Punjab has been jailed pending trial.

On 18th September, 16-year-old Nabeel Chohan from Chak 66, Bhai Pheru, District of Kasur was arrested and charged under Pakistan’s infamous Blasphemy law. He was arrested by the Police after locals filed a complaint against Masih under Section 295/ 295A of Pakistan’s penal code. The complainant alleged that he was going through Masih’s Facebook account when he saw that he had liked a picture of Holy Kaaba, one of Islam’s Holiest sites.

Copy of the Complaint against Nabeel Masih

He further stated that “After seeing the picture of the Kabba we were offended, he (Masih) has hurt religious sentiment of all the Muslims and we demand that action is taken against him”

Muhammad Hussain, the investigating police officer, confirmed the arrest and told media that Chohan was in a police cell.

Since the allegations Masih’s family has gone into hiding fearing a backlash from local Islamists. In many cases, particularly those involving the poor, false allegations are made to settle personal scores. In 2010 a Christian woman Asia Bibi was sentenced to death for drinking water meant for her Muslim colleagues. In 2014, an Ahmadi woman and two children were killed in riots over an allegedly blasphemous Facebook post in the city of Gujranwala. As of now Pakistan has 19 convicts on death row for Blasphemy.

Ehsan Rehan
Ehsan is a Washington D.C. based reporter who covers Human Rights & Religious Freedom issues.Twitter: @Ehzan

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  1. These proles in Pakistan are indeed intoxicated and bewitched by the infamous blasphemy law. Madness has in fact taken over their world. Even a non-Muslim cannot admire the Holy Ka’aba and perhaps subsequently become a Muslim? These dust-eating maggots who claim to be Muslims are indeed parasites in Islam. Their conducts and even that of the Police and their authorities is areally a clear pointer that the entire government, the Mullahs and their blind followers in Pakistan have lost touch with Islam practised by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). Alas for Pakistan! Pakistan has lost Islam! Consequently Islam has taken flight from majority homes and hearts of a vast majority of Pakistanis. What a pity. The promise of Allah shall come to pass, sooner or later,.

  2. It is unbelievable that for liking a picture of Ka’aba it can hurt the feelings of a Muslim. What kind of Muslims are these people who instead of appreciating that a non Muslims likes and admires the Holy places revered by the Muslims instead complains to the Authorities? And to cap it all the Pakistani police show their ignorance and hatred towards the minorities by charging the Christian admirer for Blasphemy, how absurd and stupid to do so.
    The Holy Prophet of Islam himself allowed a Christian Delegation while visiting him in Meccah / Macckah to offer their prayers in his Mosque and here in Pakistan the biggotted so called Muslims can’t even tolerate a 17 years old Christian youth for liking the picture of Ka’aba on Facebook.
    This is the result of following the illiterate mullahs blindly and controversial Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan.

    1. So true! How do these ignoramuses plan on spreading Islam to the non-Muslims without them first reading the holy qur’an and in general finding out more about Islam?

      Truly, as an outsider and an Ahmadi, I get the feeling that the so-called ‘Muslims’ of Pakistan have really lost ALL sense of reasoning and are totally at the beck and call of their pea-brained (even less!), mullahs!

      We have, in our country quite a few non-Ahmadi Pakistanis who try to spread their nonsense here, but, fortunately, our government does not tolerate stupidity in matters of faith and therefore mercifully their insane hatred does not work.

      In fact, we have non-Muslims using such expressions as Insha’Allah, Alhamdulillah, Assalamu alaikum, etc., towards their Muslim friends, etc. I wonder what would happen if these virulent Pakistanis had their way….?!

      Pakistanis in general out here also don’t have a very good reputation.

    2. This news is false and it is game of ahmedia group to disaopoint Muslims and Pakistan,
      Many non muslims likes pics of Holy Kabaa and Also Muslims give him Holy Book Quran Kareem to them to close with islam…this a foolish game of ahmedia group and to show muslims and pakistan bad people, which are now on our eyes …very sad ahmedia group…this site will InshaaALLAH soon block…