Pakistan Police arrest 12-year-old terror victim for terrorism

Pakistan Police arrest 12-year-old terror victim for terrorism

Police in Pakistan’s southern district of Badin have arrested a terror victim for terrorism after he was injured in a terror attack. 12-year-old Imran Gurgez was arrested along with 4 of his family members after a pipe bomb was thrown at their house. Gurgez belongs to the minority Ahmadiyya sect of Islam which is heavily persecuted in Pakistan.

Imran’s uncle Akbar Gurgez said “Imran was sitting on the roof when a plastic bag was thrown onto the roof, the bag had a battery and a few other things, soon after a small-scale explosion took place and due to the explosion Imran’s feet and hands were wounded.”

After the incident, the Gurgez family informed the Police, who came and took away the injured boy along with his father, Ali Asghar Gurgez and three other family members. Soon after the Police registered a case against the family members under Pakistan’s Anti Terrorism and Explosives Act.

Akbar Gurgez said “We are Ahmadis, therefore we are being implicated in this false case which is part of a deep-rooted conspiracy. We feel very insecure here,”

In the past Ahmadis have been booked under the Anti Terrorism act for selling books. Badin is a stronghold of the Pakistan People’s Party which introduced the anti-Ahmadiyya legislation into the Pakistani Law.

Spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pakistan, Mr Saleemuddin said:

This family is being targeted in a planned manner, and the boy who has been arrested is only 12-13 years old. How would a boy this young be able to create explosives and detonators ? They are not involved in any terror activities.

Ehsan Rehan

Ehsan Rehan

Ehsan is a Washington D.C. based reporter who covers Human Rights & Religious Freedom issues.

Ehsan Rehan



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8 thoughts on “Pakistan Police arrest 12-year-old terror victim for terrorism


    Another classic example of persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan. The scary police has totally failed against real terrorists and that is why Ranger has been deployed in Sindh. To boost their lost moral and make money, police is always looking for the soft targets such as Ahmadi Muslims. This is a deep rooted pre planned conspiracy, hatched by terrorists with the help of police. Why, as per law and laid down procedure, the 12 years innocent Ahmadi boy Imran Gurgez was not brought to Hospital Emergency for examination, diagnosis, treatment and medico legal report ? This clearly indicate that the Badin police had made a concocted & baseless case after arresting the innocent boy, all 4 members of his family and obtained the statements under pressure and threats, after taking them to unknown remote place for interrogation. All this was done so that no one from the family could pursue the frivolous case, hire an attorney and file for bails. We fully agree with the statement of the family members of the innocent accused and Mr Saleemuddin, Spoke person for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and strongly condemn the atrocities committed against innocent persons of peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. Will any God fearing agency please conduct an impartial inquiry, before the judgement of God Almighty is imposed on the culprits.

  2. It cannot be further stressed that the most important thing in the common interest of the people of Pakistan is to diagnose the pulpit of hate mongers, and investigate the cause of terror and hatred behind every incidence that takes place.
    Imran Gurgez and other innocent Ahmadis in Pakistan are forced to face the consequences of many evil plots designed to defame the One and Only Peace loving Community of the world. No matter how hard they try they shall never be able to convince the world of their false accusations by condemning and accusing a staunch member of the Ahmadiyya Movement -who is bound to act in accordance with the golden principles of Love for All and hatred for none.
    The Authorities of Sindh Government should act promptly to discover the actual source of this terrorist act which is more crucial.

  3. This is so ironic that a member of our ever peaceful jama’at should be linked to terrorism when our members do not even retaliate when thugs come and kill them in cold blood. And these police want people to believe that a minor has suddenly turned terrorist! How strange!!!

    Can they please do proper investigation as to who it was who threw the bag at this young boy, in the first place?

  4. Did the Pakistani Police or Authorities arrest Ahrar when it was reported by Urdu Point and other Media that Afghan and Pakistani Ahrar who hide behind the Khatme Nabuwat badge have joined to form a terror group to plant terrorists in Pakistan?

    Is not this a farce to arrest a 12 years old victim as a perpetrator instead of providing him medical aid? Just because he is an Ahmadi Muslim, it is insane to say the least.