Pakistan arrests ‘Muslim Reformer’ for Blasphemy

A Pakistani man who claimed to be a Muslim Reformer has been arrested by the country’s security forces for Blasphemy. According to family members, Nasir Sultani was arrested from Islamabad Airport on March 21st.

Days earlier, on March 17th the BBC reported that Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui of Islamabad High Court had added Sultani’s name onto the ECL (exit control list) and instructed the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) to prepare a detailed report on him.

51-year-old Sultani claimed to be an Islamic Mujaddid (reformer) in 2011 and was using social media to publicize his claims. This irked the far right Muslims who considered his claims to be blasphemous and called for his killing. Sultani fled to Sri Lanka in 2011 but was deported back to Pakistan.