Muslim mob attacks Mosque in Pakistan

Muslim mob attacks Mosque in Pakistan

Police and Army personnel were called in on Monday as a Muslim mob armed with guns and rocks attacked a Mosque in central Pakistan.

Chakwal Ahmadiyya MosqueThe mob which numbered over 1,000 was part of a procession celebrating the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad when it attacked the minority Ahmadiyya community’s Mosque in Dulmial village, Chakwal. Around 40 worshippers who were present in the Mosque locked themselves in as the mob opened fire and hurled rocks.

After gaining control of the Mosque, the attackers burnt property inside the building, including carpets. They also washed the building to bring it “under the influence of Islam.”

A spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community claimed that one Ahmadi was killed in the incident, but was unable to identify the dead.

The Government of Punjab said it was “following up” on the “Chakwal incident”.

Canadian High Commission in Pakistan said it was “deeply concerned” over the mob attack on Ahmadis

Haji Malik Rashid Ahmad
Haji Malik Rashid Ahmad

In a petition filed with the local Police department a few weeks ago, Local clerics warned the Police of ‘extreme measures’ if the Mosque was not “liberated” from minority Ahmadis. The petition said:

“The Qadianis (Ahmadis) are using the Mosque as their worship place which is illegal under the law, We request that you free the Mosque from the Infidels and save Muslim interests by saving the Mosque from these Infidels, If these steps are not taken we will be forced to take extreme measures in order to liberate this Mosque”

The petition which was signed by over 500 people was started by a Pakistani-Canadian, Haji Malik Rashid Ahmad, who is a resident of Mississauga, Ontario. Ahmad traveled to Pakistan to file the petition against the use of Mosque by Ahmadis. Sources claim the Canadian resident is one of the main “agitators” in the Chakwal Mosque attack.

Ahmadiyya is a minority sect of Islam which has been declared non-Muslim under Pakistani law. In 2010, 90 Ahmadis were killed in a twin attack on Ahmadiyya Mosques in Lahore.



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7 thoughts on “Muslim mob attacks Mosque in Pakistan

  1. “You are free to go to your places of worship….” so said the great leader whom we remember as Qaede Azam, then why are the Muslim leaders not protecting their fellow citizens, and their places of worship, if they are law- abiding citizens and true Muslims ; rather they are instilling fear and mobilizing people to illegally achieve this place of worship. The civil and district authorities need to take the oppressors into custody for creating such chaos and turmoil in the city and for propagating hatred in the society.

  2. This haji canadian/pakistani did so wrong may Allah Forgive him what he did. And canadain goverment should cancel his citizenship ……what kind of islam he promote ….

  3. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun
    Allahumma inna najjaluka fi nuhu rihim wana u zubika min sururihim.
    Ya Allah, we are indeed your lowest servants, hear and accept our doa. Uphold the justice in this land, Save Your humble servants, Protect the men, women and children from this barbaric and henious action. You Allah alone we depends. Ameen.

  4. And on what grounds can they just unlawfully sieze another’s property? Does Pakistan have any enforceable laws or are they just for non-Ahmadis?

    The law of the jungle seems to prevail in that country…

  5. Do these so-called ‘guardians of Islam’ really follow the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the teachings of Islam? On what grounds have they taken up Allah’s place in reading people’s minds?

    And since when does a mosque need to be washed to be cleansed of what…?!

    This Canadian/Pakistani came all the way across the oceans to sow the seeds of hatred because his ilk wouldn’t have been tolerated in his adopted country.

    In fact, I would suggest to the Canadian govt., that as soon as he sets foot again on Canadian soil, he should be arrested for acts of terrorism elsewhere….

    May Allah keep our Jama’at safe from such miscreants and deal with them as He sees fit, Ameen.

    Such horrible creatures!!!!