Mob attacks Ahmadi Mosque in Faisalabad

A Pakistani mob attacked an Ahmadi Mosque in Ghaseet Pura, Faisalabad on Thursday evening, during the clash two Ahmadis were injured.

According to the Police report the mob attack occurred around 7PM Thursday evening, allegedly due to a dispute between Ahmadi & Sunni teenagers over a cockfight.

Police claimed that the dispute escalated when some individuals opened fire, six people including two Ahmadis were injured as a result. The mob then went down to the local Ahmadi Mosque and started burning items in there.

Spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan, Saleemuddin claimed that at least 6 Ahmadis had been injured and “a minor dispute between 2 persons” was “manipulated by the Mullahs”.

The victims were moved to two separate hospitals in Faisalabad and SSP operations Haider Sultan was overseeing the situation.