Indonesian province bans Ahmadiyya Islamic sect from ‘spreading faith’

Indonesian province bans Ahmadiyya Islamic sect from ‘spreading faith’

A tiny Indonesian province has banned a minority Islamic sect from conducting religious activities, a move activists say raises concerns over intolerance in the Muslim-majority nation.

The move by Bangka-Belitung, made up of two main islands off South Sumatra, is the latest in a series in which religious minorities including Christians and Shi’ite Muslims have faced harassment and complained of a lack of protection.

“The Ahmadiyya have a right to live in Bangka,” Fery Insani, a senior official in the local government, told Reuters. “In a meeting with community leaders and religious figures, all of us have agreed that it is forbidden for them to conduct activities like spreading their faith.”

Indonesia has the world’s largest population of Muslims, the majority of whom adhere to moderate Sunni beliefs. But hardline Indonesian Muslims accuse Ahmadiyya and other Muslim minorities of apostasy.

Around 1,000 members of a group called Gafatar were evacuated from their homes following violence in West Kalimantan last week, media said. Authorities have outlawed the organisation which they describe as radical and dangerous.

Members of the tiny Ahmadiyya community on the tin-rich Bangka island said they had faced intimidation and official pressure to leave their homes, according to rights groups.

“We hope the police can guarantee security for the Ahmadiyya people in Bangka and that the local government guarantee our rights as citizens,” said Yendra Budiana, a Jakarta-based spokesman for the Indonesia Ahmadiyya Community.

A spokesman for the religious affairs ministry declined to comment on the issue.

Hundreds of hardline Muslims forced the local government to tear down several churches in the conservative province of Aceh last year, claiming they lacked proper building permits.



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3 thoughts on “Indonesian province bans Ahmadiyya Islamic sect from ‘spreading faith’

  1. All these governments do not know that any kind of oppression, (big or small) against us brings more and more advancement and flowering for Ahmadiyya Jamaat, As said by Hazarat Khalifatull Masih IV, that ” These small governments e.g Pk, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc are trying very hard to finish Ahmadiyya Jamaat, but the more they try to do so at their best efforts will face more failure, despair and wrath of Allah Almighty. but yet to come is going to be the animosity of big governments and powers trying to wipe us out, but the more they will try… the more failure and despair and wrath of Allah will be in their fate. What ever planning they will do surely Allah is the best planner of all. and more and more advancement will be in the fate of Ahmadiyya Jamaat, InshAllah ho Taalah. Their is no one in this world that can change that”. In the end they are bound to face shame and regret and their generations are going to be shamefull of their actions against Ahmadiyya Jamaat. InsaAllah

  2. To you O Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Middleeast, and the likes !!!!
    Be warned of the hand of the God Almighty who protects and promotes our noble Jamaat , Islam Ahmadyyat !!!
    We shall prevail every odd and obstruction as we have so far for the last 125 years around you !!!!
    All your shouting abuse, hailing obscenity, destroying our mosques, burning our books, persecuting, harassing and jailing has only increased us in our commitment to the promised messiah’s allegiance !!!
    Alhamdolillah !!!
    Allah will call you all to account for all the wrongs and obscenities you have indulged against humanity, Ahmadyyat and the murders and rapes around us !!
    Only and ONLY God is our hope and helper !!
    We challenge you all combined to come and give your level best to destroy us !!
    You have been unsuccessful before and you sure will fail again and again this time !!!
    You are but a bunch of Pharoahics, Abu Jahal’s and Namrood’s offsprings and you will surely head for their fate !!
    Inshallah !!
    This is our promise to you all combined !!
    So bear with us as we grow, Glow and shine across the globe and beyond the heavens for you all are a witness that the messenger had come and you had denied all the truth brought to your doors !!!
    The wrath of Allah will surely get you unaware and you shall have no helper then !!
    Watch, follow us on, real voice of Islam online radio, all the great books available online, watch us share so much peace by such gifted technology as you all combined were not blessed so far with all the wealth you can accumulate !!
    You have differed among yourselves and we will invite you to come under one peaceful umbrella today !!
    We pray for Indonesia , and the world for peace to reveal and prevail !!!
    Inshallah !!!