Indonesian Police close down Ahmadiyya Mosque in West Java

Indonesian Police close down Ahmadiyya Mosque in West Java

An Ahmadiyya mosque in West Java was closed down by a Police Unit Tuesday morning. The Al-Furqan Mosque which is located in Parakansalak subregion of Sukabumi district was built in 1975 and has been used by the 200 strong Ahmadi community in the region since. Earlier, similar incidents have occurred twice, on March 31, 2015, and June 29, 2015, the Mosque was closed down for not having permission from the Provincial Government of West Java.

Spokesman of the West Java Police confirmed the sealing of the Al-Furqan mosque saying “The Mosque was sealed by the municipal police of Sukabumi, The sealing was done as part of the legal action for violating Sukabumi Bylaw number 10/2015 which deals with implementation of Public order and peace in society,” he said.

Yusri said, during the sealing they was carried out by the 160 police personnel, members of the National and Political Unity Board of Sukabumi and a village official.

The sealing process began at 7 am, when two trucks of municipal police gathered around the mosque area, The municipal police installed a wooden bar on the Mosque door and posted flyers stating the mosque violated Bylaw No.10 2015 of Sukabumi regency.

Head of Ahmadiyya Al-Furqan Mosque, Hanif questioned the forced closure and said that the officials were not able to explain the why they sealed the building that was just being renovated.

Hanif who witnessed the police actions this morning said, there was no notice or warning and no legal procedure for such a closure was followed by the officials.

“We condemn the sealing, no prior written notice was given, We do not know for what and how long the Mosque has been sealed for, When we ask for a copy of written orders, they refuse to give”

He said the sealing was done on the request of several groups who are not tolerant of the Ahmadiyya belief. “There was a demand by some residents who want our mosque closed. They submitted a letter to the regents, but we do not know of its contents,”

Hanif asserted, that the local community never had any problems with the Mosque goers.

“I am sure, rejection and request to seal the Mosque do not represent the views of the people around the mosque.”



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3 thoughts on “Indonesian Police close down Ahmadiyya Mosque in West Java

  1. [2:115] And who is more unjust than he who prohibits the name of Allah being glorified in Allah’s temples and seeks to ruin them? It was not proper for such men to enter therein except in fear. For them is disgrace in this world; and theirs shall be a great punishment in the next.

    The verse constitutes a strong indictment of those who carry their religious differences to such extremes that they do not even refrain from perpetrating outrages against the places of worship belonging to other creeds. They hinder people from worshipping God in their sacred places and even go so far as to destroy their temples. Such acts of violence are denounced here in strong terms and a lesson of tolerance and broad-mindedness is inculcated. The Qur’ān recognises for all men the free and unrestricted right to worship God in a place of worship, for a temple or a mosque is a place dedicated to the worship of God, and the person who prevents other men from worshipping Him in it, contributes to its ruin and desolution.

  2. Indonesian Jamat has honour that they are too scarifying like Pakistani Jammat. Ahmadiyya Community which has the moto ” Love for all hatred for none” is facing hatred by the prejudices either it is from Mullah or their other elements in the form of government or barbarian people. Such kinda act is indicating that who is on the Sunnah and who has similarities like Kuffare Makkah.

  3. These bigoted Indonesian police and the mullahs of the area are certainly destined for hell by doing these un-islamic deeds.
    Fear Allah whose house of worship you are closing down, shame on you.