British MP Sir Edward Davey challenges Imran Khan

British MP and former cabinet minister Sir Ed Davey has challenged Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan to reform the country’s discriminatory law against religious minorities. He made the remarks while speaking at Jalsa Salana, the annual Ahmadiyya convention in UK.

Speaking at the convention, Sir Edward said:

“My final message is a challenge to the new prime minister of Pakistan….Prime Minister Imran Khan. You now have huge responsibilities, you now have a chance to reduce and end the persecution and discrimination against religious minorities in your country, not just Ahmadi Muslims but Christians and people of faith from other groups.”

Sir Edward went onto say:

“I think you can not be a friend of the Taliban in Pakistan and come to Britain and pretend to be a liberal. So i call today on Prime Minister Imran Khan to promote tolerance and to throw open the door of freedom and human rights for everyone in Pakistan.”

Sir Edward is the member of Parliament from Kingston & Surbiton and was Knighted by the Queen in 2016.