Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Group Condemns Shooting in Copenhagen

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Group Condemns Shooting in Copenhagen


Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association categorically condemns the callous attempt at mass killing

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), an auxiliary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, categorically condemns today’s unconscionable shooting in Copenhagen and offers its prayers and support for the citizens of Denmark and all peace-loving people around the world.

“We are deeply pained to know that another shooting has taken place,” said Dr. Bilal Rana, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. “We need more words, not bullets, to make this world a safer and more peaceful place to live.”

As a response, the AMYA will launch a letter writing campaign to condemn this act and continue to advocate for the free and appropriate exercise of speech.



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2 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Group Condemns Shooting in Copenhagen

  1. This sort of attacks whether on individuals or on organisations of any denominations are crimes against humanity and must be condemned.
    The Media must also be non biased, which it had not been, considering the murder of 3 Muslim student in America.
    CNN reported these murders by highlighting that the killer is a dog rescuer, what does this depict that a Muslim’s life is not worth that of a dog.
    American and the Press at large are all silent on the murders of these innocent young American Muslim students but are all Headlining the Copenhagen killings. There should be an equilibrium and no pick and choose the tragedies.