Ahmadiyya charity Humanity First to offer scholarships to Palestinian students

The President of Al-Quds Open University Prof. Dr. Younis Amr welcomed the delegation of Ahmadiyya charity Humanity First at the University’s Headquarters in Ramallah to discuss ways how the charity can provide scholarships to Palestinian students. Al-Quds Open University is one of the largest universities in Palestine with campuses in Gaza and Ramallah.

Humanity First was founded by the 4th Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mirza Tahir Ahmad in 1993 to help with the hunger crisis in Somalia and the war in Bosnia. This was the time when the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community tried to help the victims of these crises, but could not do so directly being a religious organization.

The meeting was attended by the Humanity First’s director for disaster relief Dr. Aziz Hafiz, Yusuf Khan and President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Kababir Mohammad Sharif Odeh. The university’s Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Mohammed Shahin, Assistant Directory for Public Affairs Dr. Alaa Al-shakhsheer, and the university’s Director of public relations department along with perspective students who would receive grants under the program.

University Dean Prof. Yunus AMR welcomed the attendees and said it was the dream of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to have such a university which now has become a reality. The open education curriculum depends on classroom lectures and is divided to meet with the specific program requirements, Besides regular books the university uses electronic media and hands on learning to educate students.

Humanity First’s director for Disaster Relief Dr. Aziz said that the his charity which was started by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community aims to provide support, assistance and relief to the institutions which have been affected by natural disasters or because of war and occupation. He said the charity operates in 40 countries worldwide, and provides an opportunity for volunteers to help disaster victims, and has been helping the Palestinian people for years. He added “Al-Quds Open University is Palestine’s leading universities and we are happy to cooperate with you to provide scholarships for needy students”

Director of Student affairs Prof. Mohamed Shaheen said “the deanship of students Affairs in University has many tasks, notably grants and assistance for students” “Al-Quds needed more scholarships to support poor students, as the largest university in the nation and with large segments of poor, low-income people, and released prisoners, some with disabilities and in particular women who want to develop themselves.”

At the end of the meeting, the University President Prof. Dr. Younis Amr along with other University directors presented a commemorative shield to Humanity First’s delegation honoring the charity’s good work.