Ahmadi teacher gunned down in Sheikhupura

Dilawar Hussain, 42 a teacher at a local Government primary school was gunned down after two unknown assailants entered the school where he was teaching and started firing at him.He was seriously injured as he was shot in the neck and the stomach, He died while he was being taken to the hospital.

Soon after he converted to Ahmadiyyat local clerics issued a Fatwa (religious decree) against him declaring him to be an apostate and worthy to be killed. Mr Hussain was a resident of Dera Golianwala a village adjacent to Farooqabad neighbourhood of Sheikhupura.

Mr Saleem ud Din spokesperson of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pakistan expressed his deep sadness over the alarming incident and demanded immediate arrest of those responsible.

He said Hussain had just recently converted to Ahmadiyyat after which some of his close relatives contacted the local clerics who in turn issued a Fatwa against him.

He added that Fatwa’s declaring members of Ahmadiyya Community fit to be killed are being issued in different parts of the country and these Fatwa’s are being published in vast numbers, which has resulted in target killings of ahmadiyya community members.

He further added that sloppy action by the Government against those responsible for issuing these Fatwas shows that the Government is not interested in protecting the lives of ahmadis.