Ahmadi man shot dead in Karachi

Ahmadi man shot dead in Karachi

A Man from the minority Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been shot dead in Pakistan’s seaport city of Karachi.

49-year-old Chaudhry Khaliq Ahmad was a doctor of Homeopathy and was was tending to his patients at his clinic in Gulzar Hijri area of Karachi when unknown gunmen opened fire. Two bullets hit him in the head and he died on the way to the hospital. The assailants managed to escape.

Karachi has seen a rise of violence against Ahmadis, 55-year-old Dawood Ahmad was shot dead weeks earlier in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal neighborhood of Karachi.

In a statement spokesperson of Jama’at Ahmadiyya, Saleem ud Din said:

“We are saddened at the news of Chaudhry Khaliq Ahmad’s murder, He was a well-regarded member of the Ahmadiyya community who held no enmity against anyone. He was targeted due to his faith. Few weeks ago Mr Daud Ahmad was killed in a similar in Karachi. It appears that Ahmadis are being targeted in a clear and methodical way. The authorities need to act quickly to put an end to these indiscriminate murders. As of right now Karachi’s Ahmadis are in a state of extreme vulnerability.



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4 thoughts on “Ahmadi man shot dead in Karachi

  1. It is so difficult to acknowledge the fact that the people of Pakistan have not grown out of their differences even now when almost half a century has passed after independence. They are still ruled by their desires which is to annihilate any one who dares to live peacefully professing his faith honorably and is content to follow his faith,faithfully.Had they only realized that such atrocious acts cannot deter one from following his faith, they would have not pursued their evil designs so blindly. The Authorities should be vigilant so that such incidences cannot be planned and do not take place at all.
    May Allah the Exalted bestow His mercy on the Shaheed and grant comfort to the family.Amen.

  2. This is ubsurd behavior and unjustified. People in Pakistan should speak up for the Ahmadiyya Community. No one, absolutely no one has the right to attack anyone’s faith. There is no compulsion in faith. we are all free to believe in what faith we want to believe in. Especially for Kahliq Ahmad Sahib Shaheed. He was a man without enmity. He and all members of the Community that has faced Shahadatain, shouldn’t have faced this grief stricken act. May Allah elevate the staus of The Shahadatain and protect the community.
    woe to the persons against this victious act.