The importance of Pak-American Friendship

Pakistan and American’s friendship is proverbial. Both nations are caught up in the toils of friendship. These family relations should be further strengthened by Pakistan , but unfortunately this friendship is not pleasing for certain elements. They want it to end. America has been aiding Pakistan for a long time now, and this aid has extended to various fields, e.g. in Defence, Trade, Development Education and Technical skills, etc. America possesses a multicultural and progressive society; in fact it would not be incorrect to say that America is a mini-world in itself.

The American Constitution is an exemplary one, in which the ‘Bill of Rights’ is an impressive document. In it is stated that America will not support any religion, nor interfere in the free propagation of any religion. In other words, there is complete freedom of speech and expression. The Press is also independent. These values characterize North America as to the nobility of its beliefs and value system. Similarly, racial, regional or religious prejudice forms no part of their value system. These very things are the secret of its success. Narrow minded people keep on projecting negative propaganda against the USA . However, the American Government and public have always taken measures for the betterment and advancement of humanity and under-developed nations, by helping them to stand on their own feet. America is the largest contributor of aid in the world to another, less privileged countries. Their advance in industry, technology and agriculture is also outstanding. After winning independence from Britain , America rapidly forged ahead, and in spite of great difficulties like the Great Depression, etc. Worked hard to build up their country and become a world leader. Now it is striving to improve the lot of other countries and solve their it long-standing problems.

America and its public have also made sacrifices and faced misunderstandings in the completion of this role. 9/11 was a major catastrophe for them, and also posed a threat to world-peace. Afterwards, America took certain measures to combat and contain terrorism on an international level. It faced great criticism for its actions from certain negative quarters, but now it generally conceded that terrorists are nobody’s friends, and if not checked, will overrun the world with their negative and inhuman policies. America ’s actions against the Taliban in Afghanistan liberated that country to be able to decide its own future and not have a fanatical or a fundamentalist doctrine imposed upon it. NATO Forces presence in Afghanistan has also been made an issue, and conspiracies hatched to block its supply line, so that NATO Forces have to leave, and then the negative forces can overrun the whole of the area.

The Pakistan Government should be ware of such negative tactics and realize that the terrorists just want to create a rift between Pakistan and America . In fact, a regular campaign has been launched to sour relations between Pakistan and America , and in this campaign many vested interests are playing their role, e.g. Afghanis, other nations, even certain Pakistani quarters, and even left-wing Socialist party members from Sweden . The Pakistani public, society and politicians should realize how vital good relatives are between Pakistani and America , and that American help will definitely play a vital role in the building-up and bolstering of Pakistan ’s economy as well as progress in every field. Can we afford bad relations with America ? Hasn’t America been always our largest contributor of foreign aid? Is it not enabling us to enter the modern world in a progressive and dignified manner, rather than letting us regress to the stone-age? We must consider all these questions carefully, and under no circumstances allow relation with the USA to sour.

Aamir is a freelance writer and runs an NGO mission for peace and interfaith harmony
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