Rabwah Security on High Alert

As the Mullah’s and the Punjab Government work together on a campaign against Ahmadis security of Rabwah has been tightened and people are asked to keep a close eye on their surroundings and if they see any suspicious person , car , motorcycle etc they should report to authorities.People have also been asked to make proper lighting arrangements around their homes at night.This is all in response to recent happenings in Pakistan when the Punjab Government is shaping up to create a law and order situation similar to the anti-Ahmadiyya disturbances of 1953 when TKN (Tuhafzai Khatmai Nubawat) and its predecessors fanned hatred against Ahmadis resulting in wide scale riots in the country.

There was also a similar conference in Faisalabad, Pakistan where Mullah’s blamed Ahmadis for the Terrorism acts in Pakistan while they themselves are the culprits !