Publisher of Ahmadiyya newspaper Daily Al-Fazl denied bail

A Supreme Court of Pakistan bench on Tuesday denied bail to the publisher of Al-Fazl, a 102-year-old Ahmadiyya publication, who is behind bars for three years on blasphemy and terrorism charges.

The bench headed by Justice Sardar Asif Saeed Khosa directed the prosecution to submit a challan in the matter in the trial court without further delay.

Justice Khosa observed that unfortunately when matters pertaining to religion were under consideration one had to ignore the law.

Earlier, petitioner Tahir Mehdi’s counsel Abid Hassan Manto submitted that his client had not been involved in publishing of any objectionable material after the issuance of a government notification on the matter. He said there was no justification for inclusion of blasphemy and terrorism charges in the FIR. He said the petitioner had been in prison for two years and eight months but the police had yet to submit the case’s challan in the trial court. An additional prosecutor said the material recovered from the petitioner was highly provocative. He said if the petitioner was released on bail he would continue publishing hate material. This would fuel conflict in the society, he said.

Millat Park police had arrested the petitioner near an anti-terrorism court where he arrived to attend the hearing of his bail application in a different blasphemy case. Complainant Hafiz Nasir had stated that his religious feelings were outraged by finding out about the publication. An FIR registered in the matter on April 10, 2013, had nominated six people besides the publisher. Jamaat-i-Ahmadiyya spokesperson Saleemuddin said the publication had catered only to Ahmedis. He said this was cleary stated in a disclaimer printed on the front page of all editions.

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  1. The judge had to deny Tahir Mehdi bail because he was fears Mullah than Almighty Allah as such he ignored the law when matter pertaining to religion was under consideration!Unfortunately, he has forgotten that one day he would leave this materialistic world and he will be eventually accountable to Almighty Allah for all his deeds including the kind of judgements he gave while on earth.Anyway he has given his own considered judgement but Allah is the best of judges. Raheem,M.A (Nigeria)

  2. May Allah help and give strength to keep up the dignity of Islam and Ahmadiat they have done well.May God help them and they should be steadfast in the cause of Ahmadiat the true Islam.

  3. The wise people says that in Pakistan, instead of hiring an attorney one should hire a judge.Justice Sardar Asif Saeed Khosa of Supreme Court of Pakistan had violated the oath that under any circumstances he will maintain the supremacy of law. The Supreme Judicial Council should take action against him. The religion makes a human a better human, obedient to law. Unfortunately, the courts in Pakistan had failed to provide justice to Ahmadi Muslims. To add insult to injury, on the baseless allegations leveled by a mullah, almost 3 precious years of the life of an innocent accused had been ruined behind the bars, as the corrupt police did not submitted the challan. Aseerane Rahe Maula Zindabad.

  4. The govt.of Pakistan & the judges are joke no matter anybody says they have def ears but just wait Allah is watching everything and very soon theses people will be punished severely inshallah “Allah Kay Ghar Daar Hai Undheer nahi”

  5. wo baat saray fasanay may jis ka zikar na tha
    Wo baat unko bohut nagawar guzree hay
    Faiz Ahmed Faiz

    The whole story even didn’t mention the commitment of the allegation.They have been extremely alarmed by the allegation.

    If the Supreme court is such a sensible court,then Allah is HafizoNasir(Guardian)??

  6. the National Action plan is a joke in this country…no matter how hard they try to hide the truth,the whole world will never accept it,that’s why in the civilized societies of the world Pakistan is no where to be seen……

  7. that is a clear proof that the rulers of this country are totally useless when it comes to give justice to the masses,no wonder this country is known as a Beggar country….

  8. On one hand the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan emphasis on the supremacy of law, while on the other hand his Justice Sardar Asif Saeed Khosa observed that unfortunately when the matters pertaining to religion were under consideration one had to ignore the law. Due to these shameless double standards, the country including judiciary had gone down the drain. One day the the corrupt rulers, officials and judges will be answerable to Allah Taala. It is a pity that about 3 years of precious life of an innocent educated person is spoiled behind the bar, on the basis of a concocted and baseless allegations. So, do justice before Allah Taala super imposes His justice on you. Asserane Maula Zindabad.

  9. The Govt of Pakistan is coward to ignorant, Illiterate Mullah figure, completely in breach of Freedom n Human Rights !!!
    O Pakistan !!!!
    You are no one to decide faith !!
    You are not God, or above the law to do so !!!
    You shall be held accountable by the Almighty God for acting as such !!!
    Look at what became of the great powers in history with your kind of attitude n behaviour, against their own people !!
    Fear Allah and fear for your ruins and fate acting God in the matter of religion !!!
    Why then you act so unjustly to the humbled few and let loose the liars and the mischief makers !!???
    Watch out for the deceptions and corruptions rife in you therefore the fate of Allahs may befall you in the matter soon !!!
    Inshallah !!!

  10. We beseech thee and we pray the alone O almighty Allah !!!
    We implore for your help !!
    Grant us mercy an protection from the unbelieving , Ignorant people .
    May Allah Almighty protect you our learned men n women in jails n camps !!
    May u gain more strength and courage to defend for your innocence and freedom soon !!!
    Inshallah !!!

  11. May Allah punish the real culprits of Pakistan and keep the true believers safe and sound and bless them in His own ways ! Ameen

  12. Why the mullahs are so afraid of Ahmadiyya literature and publications, why can’t they pinpoint anything objectionable to them, why?
    Because there is nothing mullahs could really object to, it is only ignorance on their part as they have nothing intellectual to offer except hate.
    The judges are too afraid of mullah and give in to their unjust demands against Ahmadi Muslims and act in a manner which cannot be classed as based on justice or for that matter Islamic teachings, since Pakistan claim to be an Islamic Republic, but is on the contrary far from it.
    There is absolutely no justice at all to keep Tahir Mehdi Sahib imprisioned, as a matter of fact he should not have been arrested in the first place. It should instead be the hate monger Mullahs the supporters of the terrorists outfits who are danger to the peace and security of Pakistan. If there was justice in Pakistan then the mullahs would all be in jail rather than the peaceful Ahmadi Muslims. One must pray for the return of Qaid he Azam’s Pakistan.