PTCL workforce’s negligent behavior

Rabwah(Chenab Nagar): During the past few months the local PTCL Exchange has been receiving an uncountable number of complaints related to PTCL Phone services & Internet connections and instead of resolving these issues the PTCL employees have found a sinister way to cheat the automatic complaint system and started to ignore these requests which is unlawful.

Rabwah’s local PTCL SDO Shabbar Abbas Shah along with his workforce seems to care less about the issues and more about making extra cash through bribes.

While on the other hand local residents, students and business owners who rely on Telephone and Broadband services are faced by the insulting attitude of PTCL Employees.

The regular downtime of the Broadband service means online businesses have also been affected. After the increasing energy crises the public is now face to face with what we may call the Telecom crisis which is a credit to the PTCL workforce.