Petition in Pakistan court seeks ban on Eid sacrifice by Ahmadiyya Muslims

Petition in Pakistan court seeks ban on Eid sacrifice by Ahmadiyya Muslims


A petition seeking directives for Chiniot police to prevent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community from offering ritual sacrifice on Eid ul Adha was disposed of by Lahore High Court with a directive for the DPO to proceed in the matter in accordance with law.

On receiving the order a few days before Eid, the DPO sought guidance from the inspector general of Punjab police. The DPO has yet to receive a response from the office of the IGP.

In the petition submitted on September 12, Nasir Mahmood, a Faisal Town resident, had submitted that he had read in an online newspaper published by the community that sacrificial animals would be slaughtered on the Eid day at Chenabnagar. He said that the Constitution did not allow the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to sacrifice animals on Eid ul Azha. He had requested the court to direct Chiniot police to prevent the community from sacrificing animals.

ahmadiyya_eid_sacrifice2Saleemudin, a Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya spokesperson, lamented that it had become very difficult for community members to sacrifice animals on Eidul Azha. He said he had been receiving reports for several years about use of police force by sectarian groups to prevent community members from performing the ritual. He said that instead of arranging security for community members who wanted to sacrifice animals on Eid, the police were preventing them from doing so.

Saleemuddin referred to an incident from last year in Sabzazar area. He said that a few days before Eid Hanjarwal police had raided the house of an Ahmadiyya family and taken into custody a male member. He said the man was released after the family submitted a written undertaking assuring the police that they would not slaughter an animal on the Eid day. He said similar incidents had been reported by community members in Sant Nagar and Township in 2013.

Similar incidents were reported this year from Sant Nagar, Township, North Cantonment, Mustafa Town and Johar Town. Male member from Ahmadiyya Muslim families and their sacrificial animals were reportedly detained by the police. They were released after they submitted a written assurance that they would not slaughter any animal during Eid days.

Speaking to the Media, North Cantonment DSP Mansoor said he did it to prevent unrest in the area.



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7 thoughts on “Petition in Pakistan court seeks ban on Eid sacrifice by Ahmadiyya Muslims

  1. it is shameful to see such developments in Pakistan, where the country ‘s founder had received unflinching support in the historic struggle for it’s creation by Ahmadiyya muslim community in contrast with the mullah’s opposition to Qaid azam.

  2. This is being going on for several years and the govt. Of Pakistan is being silent expectator and most of the time supporting Mullahs but remember God is watching and the time is not far before God will help innocent and severely punish the culprit InshaAllah .

  3. What a shame! The country whose officials are coward and mean can’t progress. Come on wake up. Leave the ahmadis alone. They are innocent peacefull people. Even In UK they are doing loads of charity works. They are friendly. Well behaved and respect all other religions. Pakistani people and there so called government should shake hands with them in order to bring peace to the country.

  4. Kuffar e Makkah meted out the similar actions against the Prophet of Islam and his Companions during the early period of Islam, they prevented them from offering their Adhan, Salat and other Islamic rituals. Isn’t it the same what the Pakistani mad mullahs and their cohorts are doing against the Ahmadi Muslims?
    Ahmadi Muslims are practicing the same Islam practiced by the early Muslims and the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH himself and are the most peace loving people throughout the World at large.
    Its shameful that the Authorities there give in so easily to the mullans who belong to the groups who opposed the creation of Pakistan and most of them are known to be part of the outlawed terrorists groups and are sympathisers of the Talibans, whose sole aim is to cause mayhem in the Country.
    Bring back the Pakistan of Qaid e Azam.

  5. رقیبوں نے رپٹ لکھوائی جا جا کے تھانے میں
    کہ “احمدی” نام لیتا ھے خدا کا اس زمانے میں