Pakistani mob attacks Ahmadiyya Mosque in Okara

In the latest instance of anti-ahmadiyya mob violence sweeping Pakistan a mob of men and school children attacked an Ahmadiyya mosque in Okara, Pakistan, on Wednesday.

Police officers present at the scene watched on as the crowd of angry men started hurling stones & bricks at the mosque after their forceful takeover of the Mosque failed.

The Ahmadiyya Mosque is next door to Talim ul Islam School which is also owned by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community but was nationalized in 1970s during Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s era.

Spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pakistan Mr Saleemuddin said:

The Taleem Ul Islam school Okara (adjacent to the Ahmadiyya Mosque) is our (Jammat e Ahmadiyya) property & it’s built on land owned by Jamaat. Revenue & all other department documents (prove this).

He went on to say:

Worst part is that instead of paying rent to us for using our building & property for over 30 years officials are telling us to compromise.

For the record nationalized institutions were returned to their legal owner but not the ones belonging to Jamaat e Ahmadiyya.

According to a senior security official the local DSP (Deputy Superintendent Police) who tried to defuse situation was transferred to another location after the authorities came under fire for not siding with the Islamist Clerics.