Pakistani-Americans concerned over disappearances of Pakistani activists

Pakistani-Americans concerned over disappearances of Pakistani activists

Pakistani-Americans have expressed their concern over the recent disappearance of activists and bloggers in Pakistan. Prominent Activist and bloggers known for their controversial political and religious views have gone missing in the past week.

Salman Haider, a prominent activist went missing on the evening of January 6th in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Within hours of his abduction several other activists including Goraya, Aasim Saeed, and Ahmed Raza Naseer also went missing.

img_5858b3640ac43In a statement AdvoPak director condemned the disappearances and called on the Government to ensure safe and quick return of the activists.

“ We, the members of AdvoPak, a DC-based local group focusing on peace in Pakistan, are appalled at the recent disappearances of activists in Pakistan. We urge the Government of Pakistan to take immediate action and use every possible means to ensure safe and quick return of all activists. The Government should also create an environment where people in general and activists, journalists and lawyers are not afraid to express their views ”  said Zaineb Majoka, founder of AdvoPak.

Advopak is also organizing a letter writing campaign in Washington D.C. in support of the missing activists. The letters will be hand delivered to the Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S.



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4 thoughts on “Pakistani-Americans concerned over disappearances of Pakistani activists

  1. Salam.
    It is also very sad that The countries who are giving billions of dollers for aid to Pakistan due to this is a denocrate country.These super powers do not even bother to react when extramists killing Pakistan.This is because those who are responsible for this matter are also sold out in the hands of super powers.Allas Allas

  2. May Pakistan return to peace and Harmony !!!
    Terrorists, Mullahs’ and the ignorant, irresponsible, illiterate, ignorant ones have taken our Pakistan in their control !!!
    Humanity has vanished from our Pakistan !!!!
    Our resolve will surely return one day, Inshallah !!!
    The Mullah will surely one day be irradiated to dirt and be diminished to nothingness !!!
    The divine shall soon intervene without warning and all shall come to pass, soon !!!!
    This is an abhorrent disgrace that our bloggers, journalists and the outspoken are silenced in such inhumane ways !!!
    Wake up Pakistan !!!
    This is the 21st century cowards !!!!!

  3. Islam is all bout tolerance and peace, but today anyone who stands for these ideals and hammers the terrorist ideology promoted by religious clerics is looked at as heretic and heathen. Clerics have taken in their hands the right reserved for God to decide who will go to heaven or hell.

  4. For God’s sake where is Pakistan is heading to? Using religion of Islam to silence and harash people. It is the responsibility of any civilize government to protect the life and properties of its citizens irrespective of any religion one may be professing and practising, as long as the adherents of any religion do not disturb the peace of the country. Religion is between individual and his/her creator.Pakistan has become a lawlessness nation where it is the religious clerics that are dictating to the goverment and taking law into their hands. Their disappearance has to do with religious coloration! Pakistan goverment must produce these activits within reasonable time
    Almighty Allah will protect and keep them safe whereever they may be and He will disgrace and destroy their abductors.Allah will protect Pakistan from bigotry Mullahs and save all peace loving citizens of that country