Pakistan to ban teachers from teaching Islamic studies

Pakistan’s Christian Secretary of School Education has assured Ministers that no Ahmadi teacher would be allowed to teach Islamic Studies or Arabic Language in schools.

Secretary Joyce Rufin Julius made the comments on Wednesday while discussing Educational matters in Pakistani province Punjab’s provincial assembly. Secretary Julius who herself is a member of Pakistan’s Christian minority said no teachers from the minority Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will be hired to teach Islamic studies and Arabic and the education department will soon issue an official notification.

Syed Waseem Akhtar
Syed Waseem Akhtar

The issue was brought up in the Provincial Assembly when the parliamentary leader of the right-wing Jamaat-e-Islami political party, Dr. Syed Waseem Akhtar stood up and pointed out that there was no legal provisions to stop Ahmadi teachers from teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Responding to Akhtar’s questions, Parliamentary Secretary for School Education, Joyce Rufin Julius said there was a 5% job quota specified for religious minorities and 3% for people with disabilities. She added minority candidates can apply on open merit. Julius said experienced individuals were teaching the Islamic studies to students.

Secretary Julius further said:

PTI MPA – Mehmoodur Rasheed

“Even Christian students take Islamic studies classes, my own daughter, being a Christian, scored 70 out of 75 marks in Islamic Studies”

Dr. Waseem said he understood that Quranic and Islamic education has been made compulsory in schools, however, there is no law to stop Ahmadis from teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies in schools. Afterward, Dr. Akhter boycotted the house proceedings and urged other members of the provincial assembly to follow him.

Soon after leaders from Pakistan’s ‘secular’ Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf party stood up and repeated the demand made by the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami party.

PTI MPA, Arif Abbasi
PTI MPA, Arif Abbasi

PTI MPA from Lahore, Mehmoodur Rasheed said the government must give assurances that no Ahmadi would be able to teach Islamic studies or Arabic. While, PTI MPA from Rawalpindi, Arif Abbasi, told the speaker that this important matter could not be “bulldozed” and announced a boycott of proceedings and left the hall.

During the proceedings, PML-N MPA Ilyas Chinioti also stressed the point made by other members and said “Only Muslim teachers should be hired to teach Islamic studies”

Dr. Farzana Nazir
Dr. Farzana Nazir

Another PML-N MPA from Lahore, Dr. Farzana Nazir said “Qadianis have even started leading Friday prayers”

The walkout by members came to an end after several other ministers convinced the protesting members and brought them back to the house.

Upon return of the members Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Julius said: “On behalf of the Education Department I assure the members that the education department will issue a notification to ensure that no Ahmadi will be hired to teach Arabic & Islamic studies.

Ahmadis are followers of the minority Ahmadiyya sect of Islam, which is considered heretic by mainstream Muslims. The Ahmadis were declared ‘non-Muslim’ by Pakistan through a constitutional amendment in 1974.

However, another Christian MPA Mary James Gill condemned the walkout by MPA’s and said:

Saddened on opposition’s walkout during question hour when one JI member asked the government to ban non-Muslim teachers to teach the subjects of Islamiat and Arabic, ignoring the fact that non-Muslims students are forced to study Islamiat despite constitutional guarantee. Sickening to see how PTI members reacted calling it a matter of Faith and didn’t come back until assured by the treasury that a notification shall be issued in this regard.

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  1. They are trying to suppress Ahmadiyya in Pakistan yet it has already spread to over 200 countries including Ireland
    I am irish. Mullahs have failed. Mullahs are living in 1974 while present and future belong to Ahmadiyya true Islam.

  2. The more you will restrict things for us the more God will help us, history has proved , we never went down we are all over the world now ,

  3. If it wasn’t serious issue it would be laughable that a Christian Secretary of School Education herself a member of a minority in Pakistan which supposed to be a Democratic Country.
    Ahmadi Muslims are treated extremely badly in a Country which they along with Qaid e Azam help establish while the Mullahs opposed the creation of Pakistan and in doing so called Pakistan as Paleedistan and the Qaid as Kafir e Azam.
    The very mullahs who opposed the creation of Pakistan and now their offsprings too are creating this chaos by going all out against Ahmadis who are better educated in every field on religious grounds. Irony is that these mullahs are dead against Christian minority too but this Secretary of School Education is holding on to her Chair rather than to her principle, which is a shame to say the least

  4. For the last 127 years, religious and political leaders have been using all types of tactics and agitation against Ahmadi Muslims. Consequently, with the help of Allah, Ahmadiyyat the Real Islam had spread to 209 countries of the world. The religious & political parties who were against creation of Pakistan, migrated to Pakistan, to cut roots of Pakistan by all sorts of division, specially, religion. These include Jamate Islami, PTI backed by Mullas, PML N, ISIS and Ahrar. Ultimately, Pakistan, specially Punjab had gone down the drain. Name any evil, which is not in such religious & political leaders and their followers. Since the Government has behind the curtain relations with such fanatic, terrorist, extremist and fitna Mullas, for her vested interest, therefore, she is not taking any punitive action against such culprits. Talented Ahmadi Muslims should migrate from Pakistan, at the earliest. Incidentally, Arabic is not the language of so called Muslims only. They have no copy right of it. Shame of the highest order on you the MPA’s of Punjab assembly.

  5. Sad that truth has an end in such treacherous ways for revealing itself ???
    No matter what, you can try anything and everything against a God chosen, protected and revealed Islamic Jama’at, you will still drown deeper in illiteracy, unfortunately, O illiterate, Ignorant,Arrogant Pakistani !!!!
    Inshallah this will be recorded against your success in your history,stopping Ahmadyyat till the end and record success of its adventure teaching your people even better out of your school systems !!!
    You have failed so far and no doubt you shall fail further still in your schemes against this noble institution of God Almighty !!!
    Islam Ahmadyyat !!!
    Zindaaaa Baaaad !!!!