Pakistan arrests Taliban responsible for Ahmadiyya Mosque attack

Pakistan arrests Taliban responsible for Ahmadiyya Mosque attack

Taliban militants who attacked a Mosque of the minority Ahmadiyya community last week in Pakistan’s Punjab province have been arrested and arms, suicide jackets were seized from them, police said.

Four terrorists had attacked ‘Baitul Salat Mosque’, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Taunsa Sharif, some 350 kilometres from Lahore, on July 11, Dera Ghazi Khan district police officer Ghulam Mubashar Maikin told reporters.

Ghulam Mubashar Maikin
Dera Ghazi Khan DPO Ghulam Mubashar Maikin

During the attack on the Mosque a policeman deployed there was also shot, while the terrorists fled the spot when other security guards returned the fire, Maikin said.

He said a special team was constituted to arrest the militants.

Mubashir told reporters that Hanif and Khalid were arrested on Monday. He revealed that the suspects were associated with the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Al-Qaeda. Mubashir said the men were associated with the subgroup Al-Farooq that had previously carried out attacks in Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh and Attock.

He said police had seized arms including pistols, Kalashnikov rifles and suicide jackets from them. Mubashir said police had also seized hate literature, armament manuals and material on ways of conducting attacks and executing suicide bombings from the men.

Raids are underway to arrest the accomplices of the terrorists, Maikin said.
Regarded by orthodox Muslims as heretical,

Ahmadiyya Muslims are not allowed to refer to their places of worship as mosques or to publicly quote from the Quran – acts punishable by imprisonment of up to three years.

Pakistan’s constitution was amended 40 years ago to declare Ahmadiyya to be non-Muslims.



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6 thoughts on “Pakistan arrests Taliban responsible for Ahmadiyya Mosque attack


    Swift action by police to arrest attackers on AMC Mosque is appreciated. Police should put up a complete case, with witnesses, in ATC so that the culprits are awarded exemplary punishment. The Courts in Pakistan are famous to set free the accused due to lack of substantial evidence. The two terrorists who on May 28, 2010 attacked AMC Mosque, Model Town, Lahore and were handed over to police by Ahmadi worshipers were tried in ATC. One was awarded, “Death by Hanging”. The other was awarded, “Life Imprisonment” due to his young age. Both are in Jail.

  2. Nasir Ahmad Vaince · Edit

    What happened with two terrorists, who attacked in Lahore five years ago(in may 28th, 2010). These two were handed over to Lahore Police, by Ahmadi worshippers……?!

  3. I wonder if any action would have been taken if a policeman wasn’t shot during this heinous attack on the Ahmadiyyia Muslim Mosque.
    Since the Authorities have acted and apprehended the culprits it must be applauded.
    These terrorists must be punished and punished severely to make an example to the future would be miscreants.