‘Kill Ahmadis’ leaflets found in Khatm e Nabuwat’s UK headquarters

‘Kill Ahmadis’ leaflets found in Khatm e Nabuwat’s UK headquarters

The leaflets which call on Muslims to ‘Kill Ahmadis’ were found at the Stockwell Green Mosque in London. The Mosque which is affiliated with Muslim Council of Britain and serves as the UK headquarters of AMTKN (Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm E Nubuwwat)an organization which targets Ahmadi Muslims.This comes just days after the Muslim Council of Britain issued a statement saying Muslims should not be forced to accept Ahmadis.

The BBC reported that the leaflets, written in English, were found arranged in piles on a desk next to a shoe-rack, the usual place to display literature in mosques.The leaflets describe Ahmadis as “apostates” and demand that they convert to mainstream Islam within three days and if they refuse “they deserved to die”.

Toaha Qureshi MBE

Mosque Trustee Toaha Qureshi who was awarded an MBE in 2009 said he had never seen the leaflets before and suggested they were fake or left there maliciously. The UK Charity Commission lists Qureshi as a trustee of AMTKN and Stockwell Mosque is listed as the office for AMTKN.

It is not the first time the Stockwell Mosque has been accused of promoting acts of terror, Similarly in 2011 the Mosque was accused of promoting violence against the Ahmadis.

The incident comes in the wake of the killing of Ahmadi shopkeeper Asad Shah, in Glasgow last month, which according to police was “religiously prejudiced”. 32-year-old Tanveer Ahmad from Bradford admitted to Shah’s murder and afterwards issued a statement saying he killed Shah because he disrespected Islam.

The Ahmadiyya believe that their sect founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, was the foretold Mahdi, or Messiah but mainstream Muslims consider their beliefs to be heretic. In 1974 Pakistan amended it’s constitution to declare Ahmadis as non-Muslims, In 1984, Pakistan’s penal code was amended yet again to prohibit Ahmadis from “indirectly or directly posing as a Muslim.”

Reacting to the revelations people took to twitter to voice their opinions which resulted in ‘ Kill Ahmadis ‘ trending on UK Twitter.



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5 thoughts on “‘Kill Ahmadis’ leaflets found in Khatm e Nabuwat’s UK headquarters

  1. These satanic and barbaric group should be arrested and prosecuted according to the law of the land.The earlier the government checkmate these enemies of peace and humanity ,inciting people for violence and hatred by publishing and distributing hatred promoting leaflets, the better. They want to export their lunatic practice from their countries to UK,no way !Their own way of practicing Islam is contrary to the Islam presented to the world by the holy prophet Muhammad,everybody is free to practice and propagate his religion as long as it does not violate the rights of others and more so,there is no compulsion in Islam.The holy Quran specifically stated that “…whosoever killed a person – unless it be for killing a person or for creating disorder in the land-it shall be as if he killed all mankind;and whoso gave life to one, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind (Quran 5 vs 33).Then where are these murderers get their own brand of Islam? Islam need to be studied at first hand rather than from these Mullahs. We want peace, love and brotherhood in Britain in particular and in the world in general,religious extremism is never a true reflection of Islam or any other religions for that matter. No room for extremists in UK!

  2. Sad to see this kind of hatred anywhere, but especially in a Western country. Those responsible for the violence-inciting leaflets should reflect on whether the religion of Islam calls for forcibly converting others by threatening to kill them. That is not the way of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and it is not the way of his true followers.

  3. Islam does not allow extremism, nor does it allow to consider or declare others unfaithful. Taqwah is the only stairway to Allah and only Allah hAs the right to decide who is mutttaqi. God guide us all on the right path, amen.

  4. Astaghfirullah astaghfirullah !!!!
    These lunatics and terrorist, murderers and liars need to be rounded up and brought to justice for inciting violence, misleading and lying while practicing bigotry staying and disrespecting our freedom and democracy !!!
    The law of the land should take its toll to the maximum charges available to be imposed on all those involved in this murderous regimes inside our dominion of peace and freedom loving communities around us !!
    They need to be apprehended, persecuted and prosecuted immediately for terrorism now !!!!

    1. This is going to escalate further if not curbed sooner !!
      It is going to be like another Pakistan here and we can’t let this happen to the British land !!!
      Our resolve should be to bring to justice all elements radicalized and those who are responsible radicalizing !!!
      These elements need to be stripped off of their citizenship where possible and never allowed back in to the dominion ever again or send them behind bars !!
      Let them practice jealousy, bigotry and radicalizing behind bars !!
      Apes and monkeys !!!