Kashmir: Ahmadi Father & Son abducted by armed men

Dr. Shah Muhammad Javaid a senior surgeon and vice president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Kotli was abducted by armed men on Sunday night along with his 11 year old son Fahad . They were returning to their home in Sadiqabad, Kotli from his inlaws’ house with was a five minute walk from their home .

Dr Shah’s car was discovered at 7:00am on 31st October by Motorway Police near Deena, Jehlum more than 100 kilometres away from his home meanwhile the whereabouts of the father and son are still unknown.

Dr Shah had been receiving threatening phone calls for some time now. Police has registered the case and an inquiry into the abduction has been ordered.

No group has yet claimed his abduction but it is obvious that religious fundamentalist groups, including main stream political parties are driving strong movements to crush the Ahmadiyya sect. The police said that since he is from Ahmadiyya sect he has obviously been abducted by Muslim fundamentalists and it will be impossible to find him.

Punjab province has become a strong hold of such fundamentalist groups who do not tolerate the Ahmadis, their mosques, their educational institutions and bar the students from the professional colleges. It is also alleged that the provincial government was also holding such conferences where the Ahmadis are declared as infidel and liable to be killed.