Islamic extremists to hold Khatme Nabuwat conference in Rabwah

Residents of Rabwah have self-secured themselves as the general population plans for the approaching 33th International Khatme Nabuwat conference to be held in the region of Rabwah on 6th September 2014. Posters publicizing the get-together have been plastered all over from Chiniot to Chenab Nagar (Rabwah). Individuals from all over Pakistan have started arriving in the adjacent city of Chiniot, the same city in April 2009 renamed its town centre from Tehsil Chowk to “Khatme Nabuwat Chowk”.

This year the forefront supervisor of the 33th International Khatme Nabuwat “Maulana Allah Wasaya” said that final arrangements have been completed and many voluntary committees have been formed to carry out the event, where people will pledge their belief in Kahatm e Nabuwat.

Those who are going to chair the conference include the leader of banned militant organization S.S.P (Sipahe Sahaba Pakistan) Maulana Abdul Majeed Ludhyanvi .Prominent speakers among them would also be Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman the President Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Liaquat Baloch and Qary Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari.

The Persecution of Ahmadis is the mainly result of these conferences which take place all over Pakistan. Ahmadis have been subjected to different manifestations of mistreatment and discrimination since the movement’s inception in 1889. Since 1974, Ahmadis have been declared “non-Muslim” under the Pakistani law which has made them an easy target for organizations like KhatmeNabuwat. The discriminatory anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance of 1974 has also been used to settle personal scores and business rivalries against Ahmadi Muslims.

ACCA student & a Freelance writer from Lahore, Pakistan.
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