Shahbaz Sharif avoids Ahmadiyya relief camp as flood surge reaches Rabwah

The super flood tormenting central and north-eastern Punjab has reached outskirts of Rabwah after causing widespread devastation & inundating over 1,400 villages. The last flood of this enormity occurring back in 1992.

Neighbourhoods that have been worst-hit by the flood include Factory Area, Darul Nusrat, Darul Sadar, Darul Aloom, Darul Shukr, Naseerabad and Ahmad Nagar where almost 600 residential homes have been flooded.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Rabwah has setup a relief camp for flood-stricken people and MKA Rabwah (Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya) is also taking part in rescue efforts in flood hit areas.

On Sep 10th Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, visited the flood-hit areas of Dawar. But due to the lack of a landing spot for his helicopter the Minister ended up in Rabwah and that too on the grounds of Rasheed Rice Mills a Rice factory owned by member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

But due to a technical problem, the helicopter could not fly out and while waiting the Minister was made aware of the relief camp setup by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community right in front of his makeshift helipad. It took 40 some minutes before the helicopter could take off and during all this time the Minister failed to acknowledge the presence of the Ahmadiyya relief camp.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pakistan’s spokesperson Saleemuddin said :

Food was being served to flood victims at the camp but the Minister had no time for them.

So far more than 32351 people have been provided food, 1190 people have been rescued & 2372 people have been provided medical aid by the Ahmadiyya Flood Relief Camp and its Volunteers.

Punjab has declared emergency in 21 districts that are directly hit by the floods in the river Jhelum and especially in the Chenab.

Addressing a news conference, Minister Shuja Khanzada and Punjab government spokesman Zaeem Qadri said the government had started using police for forced evacuation of people. Such evacuations were being made from areas already hit by the floods or were extremely vulnerable.

According to Minister Shuja Khanzada, 156 people lost their lives during rains and floods in Chenab (in Punjab). Another 287 were injured. As many as 400,000 heads of cattle were affected and 215 were killed.