Factory owned by Ahmadiyya Muslims attacked over Blasphemy allegations

Factory owned by Ahmadiyya Muslims attacked over Blasphemy allegations


An angry mob set ablaze a factory owned by members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Jhelum on Friday.

Around 2,000 people surrounded Pakistan Chipboard Factory on GT Road in Jhelum city on Friday night after announcements were made on loudspeakers in nearby mosques that a factory employee had allegedly desecrated the Quran. Following the announcements people from not immediate vicinity but even from nearby villages gathered as a mob and set ablaze the chipboard factory.

The owner’s residence, adjoining the factory, was also set on fire.

6jhelum_riots_ahmadiyya_factoryThe mob, meanwhile, continued to block GT Road in protest. Police were unable to disperse the protesters despite using tear gas and Rangers (Pakistani paramilitary force) had to be called in for support. Many workers fled the factory complex, which contains a residential area, with their families, sources said. But some workers were reportedly still inside the factory when it was set on fire.

The police did, however, arrest three members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Senior police officer in Jhelum, Adnan Malik said “Three members of Ahmadiyya community have been arrested by police under the charges of blasphemy”. Three men were reportedly also injured in this unrest.

3jhelum_riots_ahmadiyya_factoryReacting to the arrests a Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya spokesperson Saleem Ud Din, said that three Ahmadis were arrested without reason. He asked the government to take action against the responsible persons.

Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims by the Pakistani government in 1974.

Ahmadis have been arrested in Pakistan for reading the Holy Quran, holding religious celebrations and having Quranic verses on rings or wedding cards. Four years ago, 86 Ahmadis were killed in two simultaneous attacks in Lahore.

Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy law does not clearly define blasphemy but says the offence is punishable by death. Anyone can file a blasphemy case claiming their religious feelings are injured for any reason.

The accused are often lynched, and lawyers and judges defending or acquitting them have been attacked. Rights groups say the laws are increasingly used to seize money or property.



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9 thoughts on “Factory owned by Ahmadiyya Muslims attacked over Blasphemy allegations

  1. Islam is a peaceful religion. Mullahs should not do any bad works which Islam does not allow. These Mullahs are doing these types of bad activities in the name of Islam. This un-Islamic actions of Mullahs hurts muslims in general and we strongly condemn. Ahmadiyya Muslim are good muslims known all over the world. Today more than 260 million ahmadiyya are all over the world who are recognised as a peace loving muslim.

  2. Khuda ka naam na lo Khuda kayleya.For God sake don’t mention the name of God while doing aggression.aggression. we had visited the Chip board factory on G.T Road many times when my late sister family was residing in one of the bungalows.So many people must have their livelihood ,source of income,jobs and shelter.May Allah be with those affected.affected. Aameen. This is a economical Terrorism too.

  3. Islam teaches us the lesson of peace and tolerance. Holy Prophet (SAW) taught us the beautiful teachings of Islam. But today in the name of Islam Mullah’s are busy in doing all sorts activities which have no relation with the real teachings of Islam. Recent Paris attack by Mullahs and continues persecutions on Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat by so the so called Islam lover Mullahs are the example of these who are inviting the curse of Allah by doing all activities against Islam. We strongly condemn Paris attack and attack on Ahmadiyyas by Pakistani Mullahs.

  4. I strongly this type of activities done by Pakistani Mullahs in the name of Islam. They are doing all bad actions as they did Paris in the name of Islam. Where Islam never teaches to attack on any one. May Allah protect us from all evils. (amen)

  5. Aaww
    Its sad for such acts against ahmadi Muslims.those who don’t have the holy Quran can never reason right.but they should remember that almighty Allah is watching and He is the best judge.

  6. This is how Mullah will test the resolve of the government of promises of protecting minorities. May Allah protect those whom the government is unwilling to protect.