Buddhist ruins found near Rabwah

Remnants of a 4th century AD Buddhist stupa and monastery have been found on the foothills of Rabwah in area once knows as ‘Punj Peer’. The discovery was made by Chiniot based a local NGO called Lok Baithak.

The remains which include graves, walls of rooms, animal bones, pottery and meditation cells built out of stones and terracotta bricks are spread over an area of nine acres.
According to archaeologists these may be the remains of the lost OJAN or OJAIAN Buddhist University. A gold coin ranging from Kushana King 2nd’s period was also discovered.

The 700ft high hills that surround Rabwah are part of The Kirana Hills which are 10million years old, Historians have discovered pre-historic rock carvings on several of these hills.

Punjab Archeology Department Deputy Director Afzal Khan, commenting on this discovery said:

“We appreciate Lok Baithak for their sincere and dedicated efforts. These newly-reported ruins, especially the stupa, are a significant discovery in this area.”

For decades The Kirana hills have been a targeted by contractors crushing stones and selling them commercially which has led to the destruction of several archeological sites in the process. Only last year a blast destroyed a historic cave which had ancient Buddhist statues.