Mr. Dard is the Vice-President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Bexley & Greenwich U.K and is also the author of "An Ahmadiyya Muslim" Autobiography.

Divine Acceptance of Prayers of the Khalifa

I suffered Kidney & Heart fatal diseases, out of the blue, suddenly in the Spring of 2011- A. D.I humbly requested Khalifa-Tul-Masih V to pray & intervene for me in the Court Yard of Allah as the Promised Messiah had prayed and intervened for the son (Nawabzada Abdul-Raheem Khalid ) of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan(ra) mentioned and referred to in his Khutba Jumma on the 6th May, 2011 at Bait-ul-Futuh Mosque, while I was listening intently , ailing extremely seriously, …

مُطیع دل درد کے جذبات تشکر

A poetic expression of Mr. Mateeullah Dard’s real story as a recipient of Allah and The Khalifa-tul-Masih’s Love, Forgiveness and Mercy being a MUTTEEULLAH – THE DAI – e – ILLALLAH of Islam Ahmadiyyat.