Ahmmadiyya USA with Barack Obama

Missionary in charge USA, Mr. Daud Hanif Sahib and Naib Amir Mr. Zinda M. Bajwa Sahib & Public Relations in charge, .Read Full Article for Picture.




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21 thoughts on “Ahmmadiyya USA with Barack Obama

  1. asalam o alekum

    the time has come wen the prophecies of hazrat imam mahdi will get fulfil … ‘ badshah teray kapron say barkat dhondeingay’

    keep praying my ahmadi brothers and sister.


    Arif Mehmood
    Rabwah,, Pakistan

    1. Read 1st time. JK it was all blessing of Khilafat. The amount of word was not possible if prayers and guidance was not from Devine Khilafat. Alhamdolillah Zinda Bajwa

  2. aslamoalikam
    ihope and wish u willbe ok and busy in yours great jobin jammat.I am sure that such a kontact with such a personality mad jammat more strong . may allah ith you
    Bashir Khan Germany

  3. Go to Pakistan_camapign. Read “USCIRF letter to President Obama meeting with President of Pakistan and Afghanistan (May 6, 2009). Make a note afghanistan was the first country did state sponsor persecution of Ahmadis during life time of Promised Massiah as life time in 1900,s and Pakistan did in 1974. World leaders have to be given awareness