Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Condemns Taliban Attack on Peshawar School

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Condemns Taliban Attack on Peshawar School


Ahmadi Muslims mourn 150 children in Peshawar murdered by Taliban

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns in the strongest terms today’s terrorist attack on Peshawar Government schools. Reports indicate at least 150 children have been killed and scores more injured.

The Community mourns with the families and friends of those afflicted by this horrible atrocity. May God give them strength, patience, and fortitude to bear through this painful and shameful

Schoolchildren cross a road as they move away from a military run school that is under attack by Tal“As Muslims, as parents, and as human beings, we are devastated to hear of this horrific act of terror,” said Dr. Nasim Rehmatullah, National Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, “and condemn the Taliban in the strongest terms possible. We once again call upon the Government of Pakistan to stop this injustice and to root out and end the Taliban’s reign of terror.”

pakistan-school-attackAhmadiyya Muslim Community USA prays for the departed and urges the U.S. State Department to help Pakistan in protecting and providing security to all its citizens.

On December 16th Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Canada held a special prayer vigil for the victims of the Peshawar school shooting tonight at the Baitul Islam Mosque, Vaughan Ontario.

Spokesperson of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pakistan Saleem ud Din condemned the attack saying:

The Peshawar attack is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Pakistan

He went on to say “Ahmadiyya community mourns with the people of Pakistan and pray that Allah grants the martyrs a place in paradise, restores health to the injured and gives patience to the families of victims.”
He said that There were no words to express his grief and sorrow at the tragedy. He called on the authorities to take real and practical measures against the extremists.

The Pakistan Army has been carrying out a major offensive in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, home to Tehreek-e-Taliban, since June, after an attack on the international airport in Karachi. Hundreds have been killed in the FATA and tens of thousands displaced.

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10 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Condemns Taliban Attack on Peshawar School

  1. This is most ghastly! No words to express my personal anger and grief? But I am angry on the rulers and civil society. They are selective in dispensation of justice. This is the direct result of ineptness, cowardice and criminal ignorance; nay; protection of murderers when they murdered Ahmadis, Hazaras, Shias and Christians; on the part of rulkers and civil society. They ignored Quranic injunctions that absolute Justice is the duty of rulers. And Civil Society should have, as a minimum, condemn such heinous acts let lose on weaker segments of society. Unfortunately, in this country there are few who speak for rights of weak?
    I have little hope that this good reaction which has apparently, at least for timebeing, united the politicians and civil society and armed forces will be long lasting. Soon, they will again be fragmented. Allah says in Quran that Allah does not change condition of a nation until they change themselves. So is the nation going to do inner soul searching to findout where they went wrong, and what they have to do to repent and seek forgiveness of Allah (swt). If the don’t then I fear they are waiting for bigger happenings?

  2. I also highly condemn this brutal & terrorist act. Allah may give exemplary punishment to the terrorists & keep my country & country men safe and sound. This Peshawar School attack was an eye opener. Now every individual should come on one page to eliminate any type of terrorist thinking from this society on urgent basis.