Ahmadis travel to India for the annual convention

Thousands of Ahmadis from Pakistan are making their way to India to take part in the 120th annual convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Qadian (Punjab, India). The three day convention which will take place from 26th to 28th December 2011 will be attended by tens of thousands of Ahmadi delegates from India as well as from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

To make the journey easy for the delegates a major transport operation is underway. Over the course of next few days the delegates will be taken to Wagah Border via coaches and buses from where they will cross into India by foot, on the Indian side a similar operation is underway where the delegates will be met by their Indian counterparts who will in turn escort them to the convention site.

The annual convention which takes place each year in Qadian, India has always attracted a large number of attendees from Pakistan after Ahmadis in Pakistan were banned from holding their annual convention in 1984.

The fifth supreme head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad will make a televised address on the last day of the convention.

Ehsan is the founder & editor of Rabwah Times. He is currently baesd in Washington D.C. from where he covers Human Rights & Religious Freedom issues.
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