Ahmadi murdered in Nawab Shah, Sindh

An 80 year old Ahmadi, Chaudhary Muhammad Akram was murdered in an attack in Nawab Shah, Sindh. His 18 year old grandson Muneeb Ahmad was also victim of this fatal attack and is in hospital undergoing life saving surgery. Mr Chaudhary Muhammad Akram was coming back from his son in law’s shop to his home when unknown assailants opened fire on him. He died on the spot while his grandson Muneeb Ahmad was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Mr Muhammad Akram was living in Australia and was on a visit to his daughter and son in law where he became the victim. He had no animosity towards anyone nor he was involved in any disputes. The clear motive of his cold-blooded murder is his religion. Mr. Seth Muhammad Yousuf the local head of Ahmdiyya community in Nawab Shah was also murdered in similar attack. To date the law enforcement agencies have failed to find his murderers and provide security to Ahmadis.

Saleem Ud Din spokesperson of Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan said that, “it is become a trend of killing Ahmadis in target killings and such incidents are become a norm. The ironic part is police and law enforcement agencies who fail to protect the lives of innocent Ahmadis.”

Mr. Saleem ud Din called upon the government to dispense swift justice against the perpetrators of this crime. Violent assaults against Ahmadis that are carried out in the name of religion are all too often premeditated and well organized. These attacks serve only to blemish the name of Islam and Pakistan. It is most unfortunate that all possible means of mass communication are being used in order to incite the sentiments of people against Ahmadis and inflame the already raging fire of sectarianism in the country.