Ahmadi Major Afzal Mehmood Shaheed Burried in Rabwah

We feel proud as Pakistanis and Ahmadis writing this post, Mashallah another Ahmadi has given up his Life for Pakistan and proved that Ahmadis are always ready to give up their lives for their motherland Pakistan.

Major Afzal Mehmood was born in 1976 in Karachi and he did his F.SC from T.I College (Taleem ul Islam College) Rabwah, Major Afzal was fighting the insurgents in FC NWFP area since last year. On 19th June 2009 he went on Patrol with his men on Pak-Afghan border but near Bajur their convoy was ambushed, the troops returned fire but this brave man achieved Shahadat (Martyrdom) when he was hit by a bullet in the head.

On 20th June his Body was brought to Rabwah for Burial were he was given Full Army Salute and a Shaheed’s Burial , Pictures and Video Follow…

Major_Afzal_Mehmood_4 (1) Major_Afzal_Mehmood_4 (2) Major_Afzal_Mehmood_4 Major_Afzal_Mehmood_6

Major Afzal Shaheed Video Part 2Major Afzal Shaheed Video Part 3

Major Afzal Shaheed Video Part 4Major Afzal Shaheed Video Part 5

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  1. @ xainab, what do you mean by “qadiani officers”? Ahmadies, how we like to call us, are muslims as well so dont put us in a different categorie! Get your facts right!

  2. Main Major Afzal Ahmed Bhati(Shaeed) Ko Khiraje tahseen paish karta hoon Allah Talah Is ke Darajat ke Dua karta hoon.God Bless his Family

  3. Whoso ever gives his life for Pakistan is worth appreciating irrespective of his religious back ground. Besides Muslims, we have Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and off course Qadiani officers and soldiers in our Army and they must all serve the national organisations in the same spirit.

  4. I salute to Ahmadi Major Afzal Mehmood Shaheed who gave sacrifice for Pakistan. Where are Molvis and Mullah ? Molvis and Mullas should pay tribute to Shaheed Major and they should pay condolance to family of Shaheed Major.

    from: Larkana, sindh, Pakistan

  5. Ahmadies are always proud to serve Pakistan.Their Promise( Mein apni jan , mal ,wakt aur izat ko, deni, milli, aur qaum ki khatir qurban kar doon ga. Maj. Afzal shaheed has proved it.