Pakistan’s 15-year-old record-breaker struggles to find university place

The brightest 15-year-old in the world can’t find a place at university because she’s too young. Sitara Brooj Akbar moved from Rabwah, Pakistan to the UAE last year after breaking international records in passing examinations. She is the [...]

Shahbaz Sharif avoids Ahmadiyya relief camp as flood surge reaches Rabwah

The super flood tormenting central and north-eastern Punjab has reached outskirts of Rabwah after causing widespread devastation & inundating over 1,400 villages. The last flood of this enormity occurring back in 1992. Neighbourhoods that [...]

Quran’s Punjabi translation top seller at the Chandigarh Book Fair

CHANDIGARH: A Punjabi translation of the Quran turned out to be one of the top selling books at the Book Fair in Sector 17, Chandigarh. It became the centre of attraction for many readers at the stall set up by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community [...]

Ahmadi man forced to leave business & home in Gujranwala

A man was forced to abandon his woodworking business and flee Gujranwala with his family after his erstwhile friends and neighbours discovered that he was an Ahmadi. Imran Ahmed, 35, started out as a daily wager at a woodwork shop in Gujranwala. [...]