Islamic extremists to hold Khatme Nabuwat conference in Rabwah

Residents of Rabwah have self-secured themselves as the general population plans for the approaching 33th International Khatme Nabuwat conference to be held in the region of Rabwah on 6th September 2014. Posters publicizing the get-together [...]

Visit to Rabwah – Home of Persecuted Ahmadiyya Muslims

Pakistan has seemingly ensured that no Ahmedi demographic, including the dead, are spared the harsh reminder that they do not belong “That looks very biblical,” I said out loud while approaching the place Ahmedis call their sanctuary, Rabwa. [...]

Ahmadi Soldier killed in line of duty buried with full military honours in Rabwah

An Ahmadi SOLDIER who died fighting the Taliban in the Tirah Valley was buried in Rabwah with full military honors. Qaiser Naveed Bhatti, 24 of Chak 23 District Nankana died in a firefight with the the Taliban in Tirah Valley. His body was [...]

Sectarian group carries out anti-Ahmadiyya procession in Rabwah

On 25th January 2013 ( 12 Rabiul Awwal ) Muslims around the world celebrated the birthday of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.). Mullahs associated with Mjalis e Ahrar and Khatm e Nabuwat movement used the celebrations as an excuse to carry out an [...]