Myths & Facts: Israel-Palestine conflict and the Ahmadiyya

Myths & Facts: Israel-Palestine conflict and the Ahmadiyya

In 1947, the issue of the division of Palestine was under discussion in the Security Council. At the wishes of Arabs, The 2nd Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmood instructed Chaudry Mohammad Zafarullah Khan who was the then Foreign Secretary for Pakistan to stay in USA to present the Palestine case.

On October 7, 1947 he delivered a powerful speech in favour of the Palestinian Arabs and against the establishment of Israel to the Committee of the United Nations Assembly. The Arab delegations thanked His Holiness by sending a telegram and wrote, “We have been greatly relieved. We hope that this will immensely support our demands.”

zafrullah_khanIn the next day’s issue of the top Indian daily, the Statesman, wrote editorially:

“For the first time the voice of Pakistan was heard in the United Nations. It was a telling speech which tore into shreds the pleas put forward by advocates of the partition. Ch Zafrulla Khan did not merely indulge in rhetoric, when he described the plan “a physical and geographical monstrosity”, but he proceeded to prove this by his unassailable arguments.

Answering a question that great many displaced jews be allowed to go Palestine. He posed the counter question, would USA agree to take in five million displaced persons of Panjab if they wish to enter USA and settle there.

In May 1948, Ch Zafrullah Khan told the British Foreign Minister Ernst Bevan, that Pakistan would never recognize the state of Israel. This caused stir in the international media specially in New York, where everybody was trying to find out who Zafrullah Khan is.

Letter from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

He met Gamal Nasser of Egypt and later someone told him that Ch Zafrullah Khan is a non Muslim, he immediately said if he is one, I would like to be a non Muslim like him.

In another address on 9th December 1947 at the Government College, Lahore, it was reported:

Ch. Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, leader of the Pakistan delegation to the Assembly of the United Nations, spoke at length on all aspects of the problem of Palestine. He condemned the resolution of the U.N. General Assembly recommending the partition of Palestine as entirely unjust.

Speaking at the Government College Lahore, he expressed great regret that the United States Government procured the recommendation of the United Nations in support of the partition of Palestine by exercising undue pressure on some of the small powers, members of the United Nations.

He said that Palestine had been made a pawn in the election politics of the United States. He pointed out that in the proposed Jewish State to be set up in Palestine, not only will a large Arab minority be subjected to Jewish domination but the economy of the country will pass under international control which would be an illegal development.

A Danish delegate told Sir Zafrullah Khan that the U.N. vote for partition of Palestine was rigged and the Scandinavian countries were under pressure of the USA. Following the vote he said these words which years later a delegate of Oman called prophetic :

Empires rise and fall. History tells us of the empires of the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, the Arabs, the Persians and the Spaniards. Today, most of the talk is about the Americans and the Russians. The holy Koran says: We shall see the periods of rise and fall as between nations, and that cycle draws attention to the universal law. What endures on earth is that which is beneficent for God’s creatures.

“No man can today predict whether the proposal which these two great countries have sponsored and supported will prove beneficent or the contrary in its actual working.

“We much fear that the beneficence, if any, to which partition may lead will be small in comparison to the mischief which it might inaugurate. It totally lacks legal validity. We entertain no sense of grievance against those of our friends and fellow representatives who have been compelled, under heavy pressure, to change sides and to cast their votes in support of a proposal the justice and fairness of which do not commend themselves to them. Our feeling for them is one of sympathy that they should have been placed in a position of such embarrassment between their judgment and conscience, on the one side, and the pressure to which they and their Governments were being subjected, on the other.” Source

acm_zafarIn 1973 it was under the command of an Ahmadi Air Marshal Zafar A Chaudhry, 8th Chief of the Pakistan Air Force that sixteen Pakistan Air Force pilots left for the Middle East in order to support Egypt and Syria against Israel during the Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War, or October War. Chaudhry also served as managing Director of PIA ( Pakistan International Airlines ) for a short period of time from 1971 to 1972 and was also a founding member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Ahmadiyya mosque Kababir, Haifa

During the 2009 Israel-Gaza crisis Khalifa of Islam His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

“The cruelty of the Israelis is progressively increasing. Indeed many people who had previously offered their support are now turning against them. Those countries who remain silent are actually assisting with this cruelty.”

In 2012 His Holiness sent a letter to Prime Minister of Israel warning him against an attack on Iran. His Holiness warned Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran that their conflict this time poses dire consequences for the entire world.

At the same time followers of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community living under the Palestinian authority are shunned.

A few dozen Ahmadi converts live in the West Bank, whose 2.5 million-strong Palestinian population is overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim. Cases against Ahmadis have rarely been pursued until recently, But now local Islamic courts have started branding them as apostates.

Palestinian Ahmadis – 1936

Roughly 21% of Israel’s more than eight million citizens are Arabs. The vast majority of the Israeli Arabs – 81% – are Muslims which includes Ahmadis.

Kababir a mixed neighborhood in Haifa is the home of Israel’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community with a significant minority of Jews in addition to the Ahmadiyya majority. Most of the two thousand Ahmadis live in this residential area of Haifa which began as a village in 1850 by members of the Ouda family, This puts Ahmadi Muslims in Palestine even before the creation of Israel and that same Mission has continued there to serve those Muslims and to propagate Islam.

Palestine Committee hears statement by PAKISTAN Representative- Sir ZAFRULLAH KHAN 7 October 1947

The Palestinian Question – Sir ZAFRULLAH KHAN (Pakistan) 28 November 1947

Ehsan Rehan

Ehsan Rehan

Ehsan is a Washington D.C. based reporter who covers Human Rights & Religious Freedom issues.
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  1. I am quite satisfied with this article, in which the admin has truly described and eliminated some of the conflicts in my ideas regarding Israel and Ahmadiyya relationship (which is usually defined in another sense by Muslim extremists). It is now proven, after reading the above mentioned detail that respected Ahmadiyya community has contributed by their heart to this country.

  2. When one does not belive in any Prophet then that person is a “munkir” of that Prophet that is a Kafir. Now if anyone does not believe in the Prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Masih e Mauood as then that person is a Munkir or Kafir, simple.
    You have to read the relevent pages of the books in full rather than pick and choose to suit you. This is what the opponents of Ahmadiyya do and have been proven of doing so. Be honest to yourselves and try to understand what the subject matter is with an open mind you will see the truth.